TravelStay in Comfort at the Best Hotels in Indiranagar


Stay in Comfort at the Best Hotels in Indiranagar

Whether you are on a budget trip or a luxury holiday, there are certain things that you expect from the hotel you choose to stay in. And nowadays, hotels all over the world offer guests a lot more than just a room and food. They are coming up with innovations for an unforgettable experience, be it in the services they provide or the food they serve. But no matter how innovative hotels get, you, as a guest, still expect certain “basic” services that every hotel should provide for a welcoming and comfortable experience. Hotels in Indira nagar offer you world-class services and amenities to ensure that your stay is a memorable one and you return on your next trip. 

Basic Things Every Hotel Should Offer

Here is a look at 8 basic things that every hotel must offer to their guests. 

  1. Cleanliness: Needless to say, this is an absolute must. All hotels, whether they are 5-star or a budget one, must uphold the highest standards in cleanliness. They should offer clean bedrooms, bathrooms, public areas and amenities. Although it is an important initiative, recycling should result in lack of hygiene. 
  2. Safety and Security: For a lot of travellers, a hotel serves as a home away from home. This means that guests expect the most diligent safety and security measures. Nowadays, many hotels emphasize on providing personalized measures for a variety of guest profiles, like children, women and senior citizens. Although the role of technology in providing better safety is becoming more important, there are still some people who prefer the human touch.
  3. Comfortable Beds: A hotel, at the end of the day, serves a basic need – it gives you a place to rest your head after a day of business meetings or exploring the sights. This is why every hotel must have a good-quality, clean, well-designed and well-maintained bed for their gusts. It should also be in a position that allows for proper circulation. There are some hotels that take the liberty of getting innovative with the blankets and pillows they offer. This is all well and good as long as guests are comfortable with them, and have other options to choose from in case they are not. 
  4. Proper Plumbing: This section is highlighted as “plumbing” instead of just “hot water”or a “good shower” because it has to do with the entire bathroom. You cannot make good use of hot water if it only trickles down in the shower. Lack of proper flowing water from the sink or toilet is also inconvenient and can be annoying to guests. Guests expect clean water and hot running water in the shower, and proper flowing water in the sink and toilet. All hotels should also make sure that there are no leaks in their bathrooms. 
  5. Internet: No matter what type of hotel they are staying in, guests demand some level of Internet service. It is especially important for business hotels to offer the highest level of Internet connectivity. A lot of guests, if not all, expect the hotel they are staying in to offer complimentary Internet access. For some of these guests, free Wi-Fi is as essential as food. You can be sure that hotels in Indiranagar offer free Wi-Fi for all their guests, ensuring that you always have Internet access to stay in touch with loved ones, post to social media or stay connected for online business meetings, etc. 
  6. Efficient Phone Answering: Typically, it is a policy in hotels to answer the phone in 3 rings. Sadly, however, this does not happen as often as guests would like. In some cases, the call is directed to an agent who cannot provide the information you need and so transfers your call to someone else. Regardless of how the hotel is classified, it should assign a qualified, attentive agent who can address any query or concern efficiently and effectively, and refer you to the appropriate department only if and when it is absolutely necessary. 
  7. Proper Check-In/Check-Out: In today’s technologically advanced age, the experience of front desk check-in and -out is constantly evolving – from personalized iPad check-ins to pod check-ins. Although such advancements are exciting, there are certain elements of the check-in/check-out process that affect your experience as a guest, and hotels need to focus on them. These elements include:
  • Clear Direction: As a guest, you should know exactly where to go and what to do when you enter your hotel or are at the lobby. 
  • Convenience: Whether it is a front desk receptionist or an iPad, you should be able to immediately access a source that promptly handles your check-in/check-out, addresses any billing issues, etc. 
  • Consistency: Regardless of the type of interaction process, hotels should be able to provide you with the same exact experience every time. This helps you develop a sense of confidence and comfort with the hotel.
  1. Good Food: There is a variation in the availability of food and beverage outlets, depending on the level of hotel service. However, there are certain basic offerings, such as a simple yet tasty and nutritious breakfast, that can really make a significant difference to your experience as a guest. In fact, access to an affordable, convenient breakfast is now becoming a major deciding factor when travellers are looking for a hotel. Hotels do not have to serve fancy food. What many guests want is good food that is clean and nutritious. 

When people search for hotels, they want comfort, quality service and friendly, welcoming staff to interact with. As mentioned already, hotels are a home away from home, so it is important for guests to feel relaxed and at home, especially after a long day of sightseeing or attending meetings. If you are looking for a hotel in Bangalore, you will find that hotels in Indiranagaroffer world class  services everything you need for a great stay in the city. Whether you are travelling alone or with family or friends, your stay in these establishments will be a comfortable one with all your basic requirements taken care of. 

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