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How to move to Italy: documents and tips for a safe move

One of the most common desires of those who are in love with exotic countries is to move to countries that have a rich culture and history. For this reason, Italy is one of the most popular places both for the quality of life and for the availability of work. By the way, it is necessary to know where to move and how to transfer depending on your necessities. In the following lines there are all the documents that you need in case of permanent transfer or long periods spent in Italy. In conclusion, you can find some tips that could help you to better face your Italian experience.

Documents needed for non-EU citizens to move to Italy

According to Italian law, non-EU citizens have the right to enter Italy only if they can prove to be financially safe and able to support themselves during the stay. Non EU citizens must also document the reason for their stay. Furthermore, it is also possible to move to Italy for work reasons. Here is a short list of the required documents:

  • ID: a valid passport is fundamental to have access to this country.
  • A visa document of less than three months: it is a permit to stay in Italy that lasts up to three months. It is possible to request it at your embassy.

The permits to enter Italy: Visa and the EU Blue Card

Non-EU citizens can enter Italy for work, even if it is just seasonal work or self-employment. The amount of Non-EU citizens who are allowed to enter Italy changes every year and establishes a maximum number of non-EU workers.

The EU Blue Card

The EU blue card is a particular residence permit required by the Italian police to recognize foreign citizens present in the area. If the employment is for an indefinite period, the card lasts for two years, while if the employment is for a fixed period of time, it lasts three months longer than the expiry of the employment contract.

The necessary requirements for the visa in Italy

The applicant must work on behalf of another legal person and have a high qualification issued by the competent authority in the country where it was obtained.

Documents needed for European citizens to move to Italy

All European citizens can enter and stay in Italy for up to three months. The only requirement is the ID or a valid passport. If you want to move to Italy, then stay for more than three months, in this way you can carry out the residence request application. Here are the documents required depending on your status:

  • If you are an employee you need a certificate of employment.
  • If you are a self-employed worker you need a document that proves the status of self-employed worker.
  • If you are a student you need a certificate of enrollment at a recognized educational institution and a full health insurance.

How to know the agreements and regulations for relocation from your country

Regardless of what your country of origin is, the first tip is to use the tools available on the Italian government website in order to clarify all the bureaucratic steps. The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides a website to find out everything you need to move from your country to Italy. This is a web page where you can enter data such as nationality, length of stay, country of residence and the reasons for the transfer. In this way you will know everything about your move to Italy.

Tips for moving to Italy

Turning instead to non-bureaucratic tips, before moving to Italy it is good to know the sociocultural situation of the country. It is certainly one of the richest countries, among the top choices in terms of life-quality. However, if you are looking for a job, it is know that the cities of the country that offer the majority of jobs are those in the north. The richest city is undoubtedly Milan. By the way, Rome could be also a good solution for its mixture of richness beauty history and art. On the other hand, if your transfer is not dictated by work reasons, the most popular places to spend your free time are those in the center and south of the country.

In the case of long permanence, it is strongly recommended a good online Italian course for foreigners. In Italy there are just a little number of people who can speak English: exclusively the new generations seem to be more prepared under this point of view. This cultural barrier could be a real problem for your communication with local citizens. Precisely for this reason, relying on an online language is the best way to start on the right foot.

In conclusion, you’ll probably need a private health insurance. Italy has its own Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN). It’s a very good healthcare system ranked 17th if compered to the other systems of the world. Nevertheless, the standard of care in Italy can vary considerably depending on where you are. Northern Italy generally outperforms southern Italy.

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