TipsWhat types of pools should you know before adding...

What types of pools should you know before adding one to the backyard?


A swimming pool is a structure designed to store the water that allows a person to swim or enjoy leisure activities. Pool designers can build these swimming pools into the ground or above the ground. Many health clubs, gyms, fitness centers, and private clubs have added pools to their clubs. Mostly they install it for exercise or recreation. Also, it gives a luxurious feel to the people who visit your club. So we can say that pools are a great addition to the backyard or place to make it look luxurious and vibrant.

Once you decide to establish a swimming pool, you should check out various pool designs and select an appropriate one for your pool. Next, you can contact companies that provide services related to pool designing and maintenance. They are professionals and experts who know how to manage a pool space and what is needed to make it right. Pools will enable you to turn your property into your personal oasis. Having a swimming pool need not come with extra stress and money when pool companies will provide the best service for your pool. Now it’s time to discuss various kinds of pools that you can add to your backyard.

Whichever pool you end up opting for, many swimming pool specialists recommend installing a pool heat pump. Heat pumps are ideal for ensuring that your pool does not get cold, even during the cooler months.

Types of swimming pools:

  • Commercial swimming pools
  • Residential swimming pools
  • Competition pools
  • Above ground pools
  • In-ground swimming pools
  • Hot tubs and spas

There are many more kinds of swimming pools, but we are going to discuss the above mentioned only.

Residential swimming pools-

These kinds of swimming pools utilize various constructions, methods which include above ground pools, inground pools, concrete pools, soft wall pools, fiberglass pools, etc. As the name suggests, this kind of pool is made in-house and refers to a household swimming pool. They come in distinctive designs, shapes, and sizes.

Many pool companies set alarm systems that are ideal for residential swimming pool owners. It provides extra security and safety. Also, it results in peace of mind as you do not have to worry because these alarm systems are there for you to provide safe swimming.

Commercial swimming pools-

These kinds of swimming pools require more stringent safety tools: lifeguards on duty, limited access, or locking gates. These are the kinds of swimming that an individual owns. He generates income by setting up charges for using the pool. Many people come and visit the commercial pool for fun and enjoyment in their leisure time. So the safety is just as the various people visit on a regular basis to commercial pools. You can rely on pool companies to ensure the safety of the pool, and also, they will tell you several pool designs that are suitable for your backyard. These swimming pools are any indoor and outdoor structure containing water, and people dive or take baths in these kinds of pools.

Competition pools-

You might have an idea about this type of swimming pool as these are ordinary swimming pools. But, simply, those pools that are used for competition between students, athletes come under the category of competition pools. Competition pools are designed by professional pool designers so that routine competition can be hosted and held at the place. 

Swim competitors sponsor the competition. It can be held by schools, universities, swim leagues, swims clubs, etc.

In short, any pool which is established for the purpose of taking the place of competition among competitive parties is known as a competitor pool.

Above ground pools-

Generally, people consider above ground pools as an economical option. They are not as costly as other types of pools. These kinds of pools sit on the surface of your backyard. Sometimes the deck and patio can surround them. Most above-ground pools are built with aluminum, resin, steel sidings with vinyl liners. Some people prefer patterned walls of pools.

This kind of pool may come in distinctive shapes and sizes, as it depends on the location where you want to construct a pool. Commonly above ground pools come in the shape of circular or rectangular with rounded edges. Pool designers utilize vinyl liners or fiberglass composite for shapes.

Above-ground pools are easily constructed and have a simple installation method. So most people prefer this kind of pool in their backyard.

In-ground swimming pools-

Primarily these types of swimming pools are prepared by poured concrete and fiberglass composite. You can establish In-ground pools in every kind of shape and size as per the owner’s preference. These pools are permanent structures that are constructed directly into the landscape view. They come up in varieties with fiberglass, vinyl liner, and concrete. Vinyl liners pools are the most common type of in-ground pools.

  • Fiberglass pools

These are established by, manufacturer and delivered in one piece. In addition, these kinds of pool designs are more flexible than concrete pools, making them a good option in areas where an earthquake commonly happens.

  • Concrete pools-

Concrete pools are more costly to construct than other kinds. However, they allow you to customize the pool designs, shapes, and sizes of pools as per your choice. Pool experts use plaster paint, specialty coating materials to give a good finish.

  • Vinyl liner pools

These inground pools are constructed with panel walls and allow you to sit on a concrete foundation. Vinyl liners are very durable in comparison to concrete pools.

Spas and hot tub pools-

These types of pools are an excellent option for your backyard. Moreover, you can install them in your house for the purpose of relaxation and fun during your leisure time. Spas and hot tubs are available in various shapes, sizes, and constructions. In addition, it includes fully custom concrete pool varieties and pre-fabricated fiberglass options.

These are small and heated pools to fulfill the purpose of relaxation of the mind and hydrotherapy. The above-ground version is known as a hot tub, and a hot spa refers to an in-ground model of the pool. These pools are less expensive to be built or install than other options and require less maintenance.

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