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Why Use Cloud Storage?


It is a known fact that we spend most of our time these days on our devices, browsing the internet. Because of the countless things we can explore and their accessibility, it’s hard to stop ourselves from consuming more.

Consuming more comes with, based on my experience, downloading and saving more files to share with others myself or to have access to even without the internet. If you happen to be in the same case, the more you download, the lesser the capacity of your device’s storage becomes.

It is a big problem when your free storage becomes zero. You may experience some system failures as they require space to work. Obviously, you may not be able to save more files when your storage is full. In some cases, you can’t even open your camera or gallery when your storage is very full. Think of it as being stuck in a crowded room. Because of the hundreds of files that filled your device, some systems might not work.

That’s why you need to delete some of your files or the status of your gadget might get worse. You may also transfer it to another device that still has storage to spare or one with a bigger capacity. If you’re like me, who thinks “I might need it later” or has some sentimental attachment to some files and can’t remove it from my phone, you can always use cloud storage.

  • Upload, Save, and Delete

The cloud is an online storage that you can use as another place to store your files. You can upload and save in this online storage with the use of the internet and access these files with also the use of the internet. After you save your files in the cloud, you can delete the same files on your device and free some space in your storage.

  • Backup

You can also use the cloud as a backup in an event that you need to delete your files when fixing your phone, you can save them in online storage and come back for it. You can download your files from the cloud, so when your phone is returned and fixed, you can get it back easily.

  • Sharing

Cloud storage also allows you to share your files easily. Sharing things using the internet has always been easy and you can feel it using the cloud. You can share even the ones with big file sizes to other people via a link, and they can receive and access it without affecting their own device’s storage (unless they download it).

  • Accessibility

You can look at photos, watch movies, and listen to music through the cloud without saving and downloading. You can also view these files through different devices but with the same account logged in. If ever one of your devices encounters an error, you can still access your files online. These are helpful for those who work on important documents. You can constantly save your files in the cloud so if ever a file gets lost or your device is getting faulty, you can continue to work on them.

  • Safety

You need account information to access files so your safety is sure while using the cloud. Your account information is also used in accessing your files on other devices. To prevent anyone from getting access to your files (and, in the worst circumstance, leaking them), make sure to have a strong password and do not give anybody your information.

Everyone these days has access to the internet so this is a good time to start using cloud storage. In this way, you can maximize consuming media while still being able to download and share your things with others.

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