TechnologyWhy the majority of Airbnb hosts are women


Why the majority of Airbnb hosts are women

A new study found that the majority of Airbnb hosts are women; they dominate this industry with an astounding 71 percent of hosts being female. Whether it’s to make extra money, be their own boss, or share their favorite local spots with travelers from around the world—women are dominating the space!

But what is it about being an Airbnb host that appeals so much to women? Well, according to Airbnb, it has to do with creating connections. Another thing that can help property managers is having vacation rental property management software that can connect them to booking sites to increase the number of guests to their vacation properties.

Here are 5 reasons why the majority of Airbnb hosts are women:

1. Flexibility

68 percent of women would be interested in Airbnb because it allows them to keep their regular day jobs or pursue other interests while earning a little extra cash in the meantime. One major appeal is that Airbnb enables women to do this in a way where they don’t have to take on a second job.

The ability for hosts to set their own schedule and still make money from their properties, regardless of whether it’s occupied by guests at any given time, allows for convenience and flexibility when it comes to balancing work and life responsibilities. Women value this type of opportunity more than men do, which may play into why they dominate this industry when compared to their male counterparts.

2. Community-building

The term “community-building” may seem a bit ambiguous, but when you break it down Airbnb’s definition becomes clear—to build community means to have meaningful interactions between people who just so happen to be physically distant from one another.

Having an opportunity to interact with others in this way is extremely appealing to women, as again more than half (56 percent) are looking for ways to connect with different people. The majority of hosts are welcoming travelers into their homes and encouraging them to get out and explore their destination, which shows how much effort they put into ensuring each guest has a memorable experience.

3. Character

Airbnb has built its brand on creating unique, authentic experiences for both hosts and guests, which aligns perfectly with the thoughts of 55 percent of women who want to express themselves and share parts of their personalities through hosting.

Women can make use of this profile page to help potential guests get a clearer picture of their renting space, while also showing off any character traits that might not normally come across in an email or phone conversation.

4. Expertise

Many hosts offer advice and tips to guests when they arrive, such as the best places to go in the area or which restaurants are worth checking out. Women want to be seen as experts in their city because they know it better than anyone else.

The fact that these women have an interest in being actively involved through offering personalized recommendations means they are more likely to engage with guests on a regular basis—which of course is good for business.

5. Paid-time-off

Women value having time off from work so much that 50 percent of them would be willing to give up their current jobs just for the chance at being able to take some time away from work whenever they want. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why women would be interested in Airbnb as it allows them the flexibility of having paid time off from work.


Airbnb is a booming industry, with the majority of hosts being women. More female employees have seen many vacation properties excel. If you need more profits from your property, consider using vacation rental property management software. Aside from helping you with management issues, it will connect you to booking sites; you will increase your bookings, profits, and have reduced overhead costs.

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