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Why Do People Transcribe a Conference, and What Are the Benefits?


Recording your conferences is undoubtedly a good move. It is a helpful and effective method to preserve content to refer to in the future. However, are your recordings bringing you the most benefits possible? How do you improve their use?

Why You Should Transcribe Your Conferences

Your conference recordings become highly versatile once you throw transcripts into the mix. Conference call recording transcription will bring a myriad of advantages to attendees, organizers, and no-shows. A transcript helps the relevant participants study the conference and analyze its content. It encourages a higher level of engagement, which means that groups from all corners will continuously reap the benefits of the convention or seminar. 

Educate Those Who Missed Out on the Event

Whether you like it or not, your conference will have some no-shows. They might have hearing issues or had prior engagements or urgent matters requiring their attention. You also have situations where timing doesn’t work. For example, a global company might want to launch a product when it’s nighttime in Asia. To keep everyone in the loop, all you have to do is send them a transcript once the event is over. 

Let Your Audience Focus on the Speakers

We have all attended meetings where no one’s affording the speaker 100% focus. They’re all busy scribbling notes or typing away on their laptops. By promising your audience a transcript of the conference once it’s complete, they will fully engage in what’s happening in front of them. Even the speakers will have a more enjoyable time.

Give Your Conference the PR It Deserves

Getting the public interested in your conference means promoting it through journalists and advertisers. Before you can do that, you’ll need to prepare some relevant press materials. A transcript will help your marketing team include talking points and quotations that will sell the event. This way, the public gets a good dose of information, and your brand will gain a few new followers. 

Let Your Conference Reach a Global Audience

Not everyone speaks and understands English. And in this new era we live in, a company must cater to a global audience to survive. A conference transcript will lead the way to quality translations in any language. Access to localized information facilitates more international discussions and collaborations.

Include Subtitles on Your Recordings

A recorded conference will be more effective in delivering its message with subtitles. They help a viewer catch overlapping and unclear speech. Including subtitles in your recordings is simple once you have the transcripts. All you have to do is convert the files into SRTs and include them in the audio or video file. 

Help People Find Your Conference Organically

When you upload a video or audio recording of your conference on your website, people won’t be able to find it through search engines easily. You can aid the process by including a transcript on the web page and letting SEO do its magic. The transcript will contain all the keywords you want to rank for and bring your content to the top of the SERP.

Have a Record of Who Said What

Disputes happen all the time. One person can say one thing and deny they ever did the following minute. Transcripts prevent all the headaches that come from such debates. They are easily searchable, meaning that if any discussions arise, all one needs to do is search the text for evidence. 

Create Even More Content

Conference transcripts don’t just function as a way for viewers to stay engaged in the event. Companies are finding creative ways to make full use of their transcribed events. For example, they use the content in transcripts to generate blog posts, write e-books, and prepare course materials.

Give People an Overview of the Event

Most of the time, people don’t have the bandwidth to listen to an hour-long recording. They’ll want to get the gist of the event. Make it easier for them by offering a transcript, which is much simpler to scan through than a video. This way, they’ll be able to jump to the parts which matter to them. 


Conferences are a way to bring people together. They’re a chance for minds to interact, produce better ideas, and formulate finer questions. Maximize your conference’s potential with transcripts today. With a high-quality human-generated transcript, you’re getting the highest accuracy possible. Therefore, you can look forward to reaching a wider audience and maximizing your ROI.

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