TechnologyWhy Desktop-as-a-Service is a Perfect Business Solution

Why Desktop-as-a-Service is a Perfect Business Solution


As the adoption of cloud computing accelerates, the number of businesses looking to implement desktop are a service also increases. The cloud is a powerful technology that enables businesses and organisations to move all kinds of compute resources to a virtual environment, making it more resilient, more flexible, and more future-proofed.

Many companies that we have spoken to in the past have described the ways in which they use the Cloud. An IT support provider London businesses rely on for their technical support described to us how they have adopted DaaS to make onboarding and retaining remote staff easier.

What is Desktop as a Service?

You might be wondering exactly what Desktop as a Service is. Perhaps you’ve heard the term DaaS before. The concept of ‘as a service’ solutions was born with cloud computing, because the cloud made it possible to deploy software and services via the internet, without requiring the end-point device to install any kind of software. This technology model has many advantages – for instance, the company we spoke to said that deploying IT support services London businesses need in times of emergencies is much easier when done via the Cloud. It means that businesses don’t need to wait around for an engineer to get to their site, and there are even some services that can be completely automated through as-a-service technology.

Desktop as a Service is the principle of delivering all of the software components that comprise a desktop interface to a computer via the cloud. In other words, a PC has the operating system streamed to it, rather than having it installed on the hard drive.

Why Should Businesses Use DaaS?

A lot of people nowadays will be familiar with a similar form of technology, software as a service (SaaS). Services like Office 365 have been around for a while now, and so a lot of people are accustomed to having all of their data and resources hosted in the cloud. Having desktops hosted in the cloud may seem unusual, but there are many advantages to it, and they are very similar (or even synergistic with) the benefits of software as a service solutions like Office 365.

1. It’s Easy to Manage & Maintain

From a business perspective, desktop as a service is much easier for IT managers to take control of. With traditional local desktops, things like patch updates, driver updates, software installations, and settings configurations need to be performed individually on each device. But if every employee’s desktop is hosted centrally in the cloud, maintenance work can be performed remotely and in much less time by an IT manager.

2. It Saves Money

Traditionally, a computer running a specific type of software would have to have at least the minimum system requirements for that software in order to run it. This is not the case for desktop as a service. In a DaaS scenario, the device that the end-user operates is what is known as a ‘thin client’ – meaning it’s just a means of controlling the resources hosted in the cloud. This means even a very lightweight, cheap laptop or PC can be used to access high-demand software and resources, which saves money on hardware investment, and could even result in savings on energy consumption (due to using lightweight end-point devices).

Desktop as a Service is also highly scalable, meaning you can easily add or remove licenses for whichever OS you’re using – so if you cut back on staff, you can instantly cut back on unnecessary licensing costs.

3. It Improves Security

With DaaS all communications between desktops and servers happen in the cloud – which will benefit from much better security, as the datacentres are ran by large corporations (like IBM, Microsoft, or Amazon) who can afford to invest in enterprise-level security measures. As well as this, no corporate data gets stored on the endpoint device / thin client, meaning it’s impossible for data to leak out, or be intercepted.

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