What to consider before buying the 10kva generator

Modern standby generators start automatically after a power outage. An automatic transfer switch on a 10kva generator detects power outages and starts the generator.

The measurement of the power of the 10kva generator is in KVA.

The apparent power can be calculated in layman’s terms by multiplying voltage (V) by amps (electrical current, A).

The 10kva generator can power one refrigerator, one microwave, two televisions, one coffee maker, six lights, three laptops, two air conditioners, one printer, and one monitor.

It is a reliable generator suitable for commercial and residential applications. There are numerous models of 10kva generators available at different prices.

A careful examination of the features of these models will help you choose the best generator for your needs.

Fuel consumption

Select a generator that will provide power for a long time without using excessive amounts of fuel. Diesel generators have efficient fuel consumption.

It is essential to know the generator’s fuel (diesel, propane, or petrol) and considers how much energy it will require at maximum power for an extended period.


Some generators are noisier than others. Quiet models promote optimal working conditions in the workplace.

Power consumption

Check the amount of power available for all generators to ensure you get one that will suit all your needs when there is a power outage for a long time.

If you need a generator for commercial use, you will need 10kva generators with more power than a residential generator.

Calculate the anticipated load for the building you intend to use the generator in and cross-check with the rating of the generator you intend to purchase.


Have a budget when planning to purchase a generator. 10kva generator price in Kenya varies widely to accommodate all types of clients, depending on the size of the generators and other features.

Voltage and Frequency

Ensure the voltage and frequency ratings of the 10kva generator you intend to purchase are compatible with your building needs. A lower rating means the generator cannot supply the necessary voltage, while a higher rating can damage your devices.


You should have adequate storage and operating space for the generator of your choice. There’s a wide range of sizes available for 10kva generators and all other factors.


If you need to relocate the generator frequently, some of the 10kva generators have wheels, rollers, and handles, making them easier to move.

Engine oil

It is essential to know the recommended engine oil for a generator before purchasing it. Ensure it is available in outlets near you and learn how to apply it.


Purchasing a 10kva generator may appear to be a tedious task, but it is not. Consider the factors listed above to help you choose a long-lasting, fuel-efficient, and high-quality generator that will meet all your needs during a power outage.

Learn how to maintain your generator after purchase to avoid inconveniences and ensure it lasts a long time.

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