What Features Does Flipsimu The Online Dice Roller Simulator Provides?

By joining the website of the dice roller simulator, one can use the tools to roll a virtual die. People need these simulators to play board games and have fun by using virtual dice. Many people thought that these tools are only used to play gambling, but these are actually designed to play dice games. 

With these simulators, you can learn and understand a lot about dice games. This Flipsimu website also provides coinflip stimulators too so if you need them, then you can check out their website. Therefore instead of further discussion let’s get on the features of these dice roller simulators.

How does this dice roller simulator work?

Here is the step by step functioning of a stroller stimulator offered by Flipsimu, an online coin flip and dice rolling website. 

  • Step 1: There are two methods of rolling a dice virtually: make a click on the die or click and press the roll button for a long time if you want to stimulate the rolling power. 
  • Step 2: After you have pressed off, click the button all the dice then the result will appear. 

The game is completely straightforward, and you do not have to face any kind of complexity while playing it. The dice are provided with different quantities of dice like you can have one, two, or even three dice to play. Having multiple quantities in dice will help you to play extensive or considerable games that require multiple dice. You can change the quantity of dice whenever you want them. Opening the settings, you can access the quantity of dice and select which is the most suitable quantity for you. 

Provide the different types of dice games

Here are some of the things that are provided by dice roller stimulators. You can access these games through Flipsimu. The games are provided as follows:

  • Icebreaker
  • Math game
  • Board game

These additional games are also provided with a coinflip and dice rolling website. With them, you can see the above-mentioned games as they will provide more enthusiasm to the users.

Colour variations are also available

When you are playing a dice roller simulator, then you are getting variations not only in games but also in colors. You can select a particular color for your dice. Customization in color types is available that a person can change by making changes in their settings. Many color combinations are enabled when you decide to customize your dice roller. Sound options are also available with color customization as they provide you with amazing music with these dice stimulators.


One must not underestimate or judge these stimulators as they are providing great services. When you join their website, then tutorials are provided to use the stimulator. Thus anyone can use it. So you can see the dice roller simulator provides various tremendous features. If you are not well known about the website, then you should read the above information carefully and keep it in mind while using the stimulator.

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