TechnologyUnderstanding the Working Principles of  Heat Press Machine

Understanding the Working Principles of  Heat Press Machine


With the onset of evolution, significant technological advancements accompanied as times changed. Today, everybody loves machines. They make work easier, if not more efficient. The heating machine press is one of the most proficient inventions. Many people find the machine inevitable when handling their pressing work.

This device or machine(if you may call it that way)is commercially made, in the same way as iron, for use in pressing and heating garments. The machine prints T-shirts and makes other decorations. Apart from the press, the heat press machine does the following:

  1. Sealing of inks in the garment printers
  2. Sublimation transfers

Types of Heat Press Machines

The type of heat press machine depends on the mode of operation. It is either manual or digital (automatic). The manual heat press machine operates using the hand, without electricity. The electronic heat press machine only works when connected to power.

Choice of a Heat Press Machine

Choosing the heat press machine depends on many factors; the product type is the number one factor. Applying the heat press machine will guide your choice of either a smaller or less expensive size. However, ensure you make your considerations before making a purchase.

It is advisable to buy quality press machines to ensure durability. Therefore, construction quality dramatically influences the heat press machine price in Kenya.

The Working of the Heat Press Machine

The machine has two plates; a top plate and a bottom plate. When you turn on the device and set the temperature, the top plate slowly starts to heat until it reaches a suitable temperature. This will show on the digital display. You only need to light up your workspace, make a good choice of linen setting, then press the linen for about 30 seconds. A sheet should cover your garment to ensure uniform application of heat.

Do Alternatives for the Machine Exist?

Absolutely yes! There are many alternatives to the heating press machine. For example, the household iron applies HTV. But, heat presses are faster. You can achieve the desired quality by using them correctly. It only depends on your personal taste and preference, or even the suitability of your choice. Just make sure you know what you want.


In today’s world, most machines have a warranty. It only happens when you buy brand or new heat press machines from suitable dealers. It implies that you can return and receive technical support when the device becomes faulty naturally.

N/B: The warranty is dependent on the dealer.


The heat press machines design the clothes we wear everyday. This is mostly in terms of designs and decorations. Businesses have made many profits with the heat press machines, saving the fashion industry. When choosing to buy any t shirt printing machine, it is recommended that you research and ensure you purchase from stellar dealers to ensure quality, warranties and viable technical support.

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