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Tutanota Email Comparison

Tutanota is one of the best and safest email providers in the world. Most people find it challenging to determine what constitutes a good email service and what does not. Millions of people use email providers such as Tutanota, Protonmail, Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo worldwide. Hence, it is better to know which email provider is best or which is better. But, here, we will discuss how Tutanota compares to other email providers. As a result, this straightforward comparison highlights the critical differences between email providers, especially regarding security, privacy, and features.

1. Tutanota vs Gmail

Tutanota is better at providing encryption services as compared to Gmail. Gmail only provides Encrypted Transmission (TLS). On the other hand, Tutanota provides end-to-end encryption of contact details, email details, storage contact, external recipients, and TLS. The security feature of Tutanota is among the best and beats Gmail in that competition. Gmail offers three security services: TOTP for second-factor authentication, U2F for second-factor authentication, and No third-party captcha. While Tutanota offers the same services with an additional No-log policy, Open Source Clients (web, mobile apps, and desktop clients), Servers in Europe, and GDPR-compliant services.

Tutanota gives an encrypted calendar feature and an encrypted contact form which is not available in Gmail. Offline support is unavailable in Gmail, but Tutanota offers it and other features. Tutanota also brings its desktop client support, which is unavailable in Gmail. The starting price is high for Gmail as compared to Tutanotafor custom domain addresses. Tutanota is eco-friendly, a feature that must be added to Gmail, but it is currently unavailable. Hence, Tutanota wins this email comparison from Gmail by a significant margin.

2. Tutanota vs Protonmail

Tutanota is a great Protonmail alternative because of its emphasis on individual customers, security, and open source. Tutanota distinguishes itself from Protonmail by offering an affordable base price, especially for families, and top-tier security mechanisms such as U2F across all Tutanota users. Furthermore, Tutanota can be accessed without any Google links, even when utilizing the Android app. In the encryption field, Tutanota wins the race in End-to-end encrypted storage of all contact details and Encrypted email subject lines because both these features are not available in Protonmail.

Additionally, Tutanota brings unlimited domains, Encrypted contact forms, and Whitelabel customizations, three business services not available in Protonmail. The catch-all, Offline support and Multi-user support are standout features of Tutanota which still need to find a place in Protonmail. Tutanota has its Own desktop clients, Open Source Clients (web, mobile apps, desktop clients), and F-Droid app. The eco-friendliness and low starting price with all the above features make Tutanota superior to Protonmail. The Tutanota email-comparison with Protonmail has everything in favour of Tutanota.

3. Tutanota vs Outlook

Tutanota is winning the race by a significant margin. Tutanota provides end-to-end encryption of contact details, email details, storage contacts, and external recipients along with TLS. On the other side, Outlook only gives TLS encryption.

The No third party captcha and No log policy are available in Tutanota, but Outlook does not have them. Two major business features of email providers, Encrypted contact form and Encrypted calendar, have a place in Tutanota but are not available in Outlook.

Outlook has some outstanding features like IMAP support but needs to include offline support. The Zero-knowledge full-text search, F-Droid app, and own desktop clients are supported by Tutanota but have no space in Outlook. Tutanota is accessible and fair in price when it is compared to Outlook. Furthermore, Tutanota offers a brilliant and low price range at start affordable for everyone, a feature currently unavailable in Outlook. Tutanota is eco-friendly and provides excellent environmental value, but Outlook does not offer anything like that. Hence, Tutanota email-comparison is a win-win situation for Tutanota.

4. Tutanota vs Yahoo

Yahoo was one of the top email providers in the past, but with time, we found many key email providers, which diminished the importance of Yahoo. Again, Yahoo only gives one type of encryption, TLS, but Tutanota offers many types of encryption services. Security features are one of the top features of any email provider, and yahoo lacks them. Yahoo does not give any special protection feature, while Tutanota is one of the most secure email providers in the world. Yahoo does not have a custom domains option and also does not have an Encrypted calendar. The Encrypted contact form and Whitelabel customizations are available in Tutanota but need help finding a place on yahoo.

The F-Droid app, Zero-knowledge full-text search, and own desktop clients are supported by Tutanota but not supported by Yahoo. Yahoo does not give offline support as compared to Tutanota. Tutanota brings in many vital features like a Special offer for NPOs, sustainability, and a low starting price, which is not available in Yahoo. Hence, Yahoo as compared to Tutanota is a very low-value email provider. Therefore, Tutanota is the best among the top email providers. Tutanota wins the race against all top email providers in the world.

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