TechnologyTips To Find The Right Laptop For Your Needs


Tips To Find The Right Laptop For Your Needs

With the advancements in technology, the modern era witnesses’ people who are much more dependent on gadgets and electronic devices. One cannot deny the fact that these technological advancements have simplified the lives of people to a greater extent. These gadgets have not only reduced their workload but also significantly reduced the amount of time required to complete a task. Laptops are one of those devices that people now rely on for their day-to-day tasks or gaming laptop for leisure purposes. With that, selecting the right laptop for your needs is also arduous. The specifications of the laptops vary and so do the purpose that they serve. Here are a few tips to find the right laptop for your needs and help you out.

The size

If you are looking for the best laptop for computer science engineering students, this might be one of the factors that you must consider. The size of the laptops varies from 11.6 inches to 17.3 inches. While some brands offer laptops in three general sizes, some fall out of these categories. You ought to choose a laptop of a smaller display size if the portability of the laptop is your prime consideration. This is mainly because such laptops are light in weight and sleek. However, you can opt for a larger size if you will be using your laptop at a particular place and need not carry it everywhere.

Keyboard quality

Some people experience long typing sessions for certain kinds of tasks which means they need a laptop with a better keyboard quality. The overall experience will be poor when you have a keyboard with keys that pack in between the working. This is a factor that you cannot overlook if you are looking for an MBA student’s laptop. Also, long working hours on the laptop means you might have to work in a dimly lit environment. Hence, a keyboard with backlit keys will make the work easier for you, and you can work anywhere without any hindrance.

Battery life

The key factor that determines the battery life of a laptop is the operating system. With that, laptops that run on Chrome OS have a better battery life while the ones running on Windows 10 have a comparatively shorter life. If you will be using your laptop for purposes or running programs that require a lot of processing, you ought to buy a laptop with decent battery life. Mostly, people streaming online videos or involved in transferring multiple files look for laptops with excellent battery life than the usual ones. The battery drains faster while using the laptop for such tasks and if the battery life is superior, you can continue to work longer.


While people barely needed 4 GB of RAM a decade back, there has been a shift in the RAM requirement of a minimum of 8 GB these days. If you are one of those pro-gamers on a quest for the best gaming laptop under 1 lakh, you cannot settle for a laptop with less than 16 GB of RAM. Many gamers even go beyond 32 GB of RAM when it comes to choosing the best laptop for themselves. The biggest benefit of more RAM is that you can run varying applications at once and there won’t be any problem in data accessibility at any point in time. One can even edit the videos or photos if they have a good laptop with sufficient RAM.

Screen quality

Another chief requirement in a CSE student’s laptop is screen quality. CSE students need to sit before the laptop for long hours working on different programs and learning new things all day. If the screen quality is good, you will be comfortable using the laptop for longer periods and won’t be ending up with weak eyesight. Furthermore, you may look for a laptop with a touchscreen to make usage easier for you. However, you must know that touchscreen laptops offer some glossiness and make it difficult to glare. This reason alone is strong enough to make you take some safety measures or at least ask yourself, ‘whose number is this calling me?’


With so many things to consider, these are some of the key factors to consider. Storage and biometric security are amongst the other factors that you may look upon while buying a laptop for you.

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