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Things to Know About iTop VPN

iTop VPN is a virtual private network (VPN) that provides a wide range of services. It can unblock geo-restricted content and protect your privacy.

The app features a split-tunneling system and a well-organized server list. It also includes a number of security features that are worth checking out.


للكمبيوتر iTop VPN is one of the best VPNs for protecting your privacy online. Its encryption protocols prevent government agencies, internet service providers, and others from spying on your activities or accessing your data.

It also has a built-in ad blocker, which helps keep you from seeing unwanted ads while browsing. Moreover, its kill switch ensures that your IP address and DNS requests do not leak if your connection drops unexpectedly.

iTop also has a variety of additional security features available for paid subscribers, such as Browser Privacy and Security Reinforce. These aren’t essential for a great VPN, but they help users get more out of their security settings.


iTop VPN’s fast servers are a big reason why it is one of the most popular and trusted VPN services on the market. Its network of 1,800+ servers is spread across the world and provides good speeds that can help you avoid online censorship or access blocked content.

The free plan of iTop VPN lets you choose from 16 different locations and enjoy 700MB of data speed per day. It’s enough to watch some Netflix US or other streaming videos, but the paid plan is more generous and comes with no restrictions.

iTop VPN also has a handy kill switch that automatically terminates all traffic if your connection to the internet is lost. It’s not on by default, but it’s a very useful feature that can make a huge difference to your privacy and security online.


iTop VPN has over 1800 servers spread across a hundred countries around the world. These include specific ones for gaming, social media, and streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

Servers are easy to find and switch, just select a server from the list and click Connect. If you switch servers, the connection will automatically reconnect within a few seconds.

The app also has a number of features that help users secure their privacy, including DNS Protection and Split Tunnelling. The latter allows people to set up VPN connections for different apps, such as a browser and an email client.

The app also comes with a kill switch that disables the internet in case of a disconnect. This feature is a great way to protect your privacy when you’re downloading or streaming content, as it stops the flow of data if the VPN suddenly shuts down.

No Logs Policy

iTop VPN follows a strict No Logs Policy. This means that the company does not keep any data about its users, including IP addresses, activity logs, bandwidth usage, session lengths, etc.

This makes it hard for your ISP to track your online activities. It also ensures that your privacy is protected.

A no-logs policy is one of the most important features of a VPN, as it protects your privacy by hiding your traffic. It also prevents your ISP from collecting information about your internet history and logging it.

iTop VPN uses HTTPS for double encryption, which is one of the most secure protocols available. In addition, iTop VPN has a kill switch which will terminate all internet traffic if the VPN connection is interrupted. This feature can be activated from the privacy protection tab or settings depending on your device.

Money-Back Guarantee

iTop VPN offers a Money-Back Guarantee to their customers, giving them an opportunity to try out the service with no risk. You can do this by contacting their 24/7 customer support via email or a feedback option in their app.

In addition, iTop VPN also provides users with privacy protection by clearing their browsing history on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Brave browsers. It also blocks ads and malware links for better security.

iTop VPN is an excellent choice for people who want to stay private online and avoid hackers, governments, or private agencies from tracking their activities. This is due to its strict no-logging policy and military-grade encryption.

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