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Movies and knowledgeable videos are believed to be an effective way of killing and enjoying time. Considering the diversity in languages and their understanding, the presence of subtitles across the videos and movies proves to be quite effective. However, some content generally does not contain any subtitles throughout the video. Under such circumstances, it is necessary to add subtitles to video.

This article provides an in-depth discussion over adding subtitles across the video. The discussion would feature Wondershare UniConverter along with other subtitle editors which would help users explain how to add subtitles across the videos with ease. It would help you get to know what and what not to do while adding subtitles without compromising the quality of the video.

Part 1: Introducing UniConverter – The Perfect Subtitle Editor

There are numerous tools that we have come across for adding subtitles. Over time, development across this sector has led to innovative tools providing effective services. As the concept of user efficiency came to light, tools like UniConverter were introduced in the digital system. Wondershare UniConverter offers a multi-functional integrated video tool software that features a variety of services in video management.

From basic video editing to exceptional video management, UniConverter provides a proficient user experience to its users. Not only does UniConverter provides them with the opportunity to edit videos, but it also guides them to convert videos, compress videos, and download videos according to their desires. The detailed features available across this multi-functional integrated tool make video management easy.

When it comes to adding subtitles across the video, Wondershare UniConverter offers the experience of a lifetime. It helps users ensure that their videos can be designed as desired, which can then be viewed and understood easily. What makes UniConverter the best option for adding subtitles? The following points explain to users why UniConverter is an exceptional option to add subtitles to video.

  • Users can consider adding subtitles across movies that range across different file formats. They can add movies of MP4, MKV, AVI, MTS, and other media files which can be edited and amended across the platform accordingly.
  • Adding subtitles across movies and videos is diverse and variable across UniConverter. Users can develop custom subtitles with their modified subtitle files with different fonts, colors, and sizes. Along with that, they can also synchronize with the movies accordingly.
  • The amended videos and movies can be transferred from the laptop to other devices. It includes iPod, iPhone, Android, and other devices.
  • UniConverter offers excessive diversity to its users. It provides them with the opportunity of making changes across large files with a single click.
  • Users can generate subtitles automatically across the platform. With the automated feature available across the platform, subtitles are automatically recognized and generated as per the language of the movie.
  • With Wondershare UniConverter, users can extensively convert their movies across 1000+ video formats under a 90x faster conversion speed. These conversions are ensured under no quality losses, which makes the choice appropriate for users.

Part 2: How to Add Subtitles on Wondershare UniConverter

If you are looking to add subtitles to video using UniConverter, the options available to cover this procedure is quite diverse across the platform. Users can effectively add subtitles within their videos with the aid of the features available across the tool. However, if someone is looking forward to using this feature for this specific purpose with the aid of this tool, they need to look across the complete procedure in detail.

This part introduces users to the process of adding subtitles across the video within Wondershare UniConverter. Look into the step-by-step guide to get to know more about the feature of adding subtitles.

Step 1: Launch UniConverter and Access Tool

The user needs to download and install the latest version of Wondershare UniConverter across their device. After the complete installation, the user needs to proceed to launch the platform. Tap on the “Toolbox” option present on the left-hand side to access the list of different tools offered within the platform. Select “Subtitle Editor” from the available list and proceed into the next window.

Step 2: Add New Subtitles

On the next screen, the user needs to first add a video to include subtitles across it. Proceed by tapping on the “Add Files” button to import the video across it. Once done, you will observe a list of different options for adding subtitles across it. Select “New” and proceed to the right-side panel.

You can add the text across the provided section and make changes across it. Select the playback period for the subtitle and tap “Add” on the subtitle track to add the subtitle.

Step 3: Import Subtitles

Users can also consider importing existing subtitles across the video. Tap on the “Import” button to add subtitles that are to be included across the video. Manage the subtitle tracks and make edits across them in terms of font style, font type, opacity, and positioning.

Step 4: Use Automated Subtitle Manager

Wondershare UniConverter provides the option of Auto-Subtitle Generator which is an AI-Powered Tool. This helps users generate their subtitles automatically which are based on voice narrations. This exceptionally creates the subtitles based on the language of the video.

Step 5: Save the Video

Once you are done managing the video, select the folder path where the user needs to save the video. Click “Export” to save the video.


This article has provided users with a detailed explanation of how to add subtitles to video. Along with utilizing the services of Wondershare UniConverter, users can consider opting for the options of different online services. After going through this discussion, users can get to know more about subtitle and the process of adding subtitles across them.

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