The photovoltaic panel can be utilized to power almost any device in your house. From your oven, as well as your washing device to your vacuum, there isn’t much that they cannot do. However, in the summer season, most of us would love to gain from AC in our residences, as well as the concern of how many solar panels it would require to power one usually enters your mind. Below are a little bit more details on photovoltaic panels and their capability to power AC.

Powering Heat Pumps or AC

The main issue that includes powering cooling or heat pump systems is the reality that they consume so much power. The typical AC unit uses 1.3 kW of power, and the typical solar panel system ranges from 2kw-4-kW. So, if you choose to power an air conditioning unit or break and attempt on an ASHP, it is going to utilize up the huge majority of your solar power.

Some AC units will even utilize as long as 2.5 kW, meaning that the minimal power of the solar panel system is going to require 3-kW simply to power the AC. Placing this right into a little more viewpoint, if you had a 1kw device and were running the smallest AC unit, such as 1.3 kW, the photovoltaic panel would give you 5 to 7 devices of power for the day.

This would be taken in by the air conditioner in a mere 4/5 hours. They are high-need items that need a lot of power to maintain running. Some low-power versions only utilize 600w; however, these are few, as well as far between. If you are able to find one of these low-power versions, they only utilize 3/4 photovoltaic panels in your range to run.

If we are considering conventional AC units, nonetheless, solar panels aren’t quite prepared to be used to power these, and your home. So, when the summertime hits, you may have to choose if you want your air conditioning to be run utilizing solar power.

Concerning Solar Energy Usage

When solar panels are talked about, we usually describe the power that is created by them in at least the following means:

  • Watts
  • Kilowatts per hour
  • Kilowatts

If we put this into an instance, we could consider the average house. This would contain a household of four, as well as it requires a 3 to 4-kW solar panel system in order to produce enough electrical energy to maintain the home powered.

So, if we continue taking a look at the 3-kW system, it will require to be around 226 square feet in dimension. This may sound like it is rather big, as well as might be too large for your roof, yet it isn’t as poor as it sounds. To put it in different dimensions, this corresponds to 15×15-ft. This will easily fit on a lot of the rooftops in the UK. Each of the photovoltaic panels that comprise this array will be around 17 sq. ft., as well as will additionally have an optimal outcome of around 345-w.

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