The Best Wireless Gaming Mouse You Can Buy

Choosing the best gaming mouse from the many options available can be difficult. There are a number of things to think about when choosing a mouse, including the design, ergonomics, button layout, sensor quality, and whether you prefer a wireless or tethered model. These seemingly insignificant particulars can have a significant impact on your overall satisfaction with the mouse you end up purchasing. A mouse’s capabilities can sometimes be overstated, resulting in a bloated price tag.


If you’re a picky gamer who doesn’t want to compromise on anything, the Logitech G502 Lightspeed is a terrific mouse for you. There are plenty of options for customization, and the wireless mouse design doesn’t put it at a disadvantage compared corded mouse.

Logitech’s the consumer and gaming mice have also adopted the quick-release button on this mouse. If you’re used to using a scroll wheel, you’ll be pleased to know that it works exactly as you’d expect it to. In order to move down a long page, press the button to release the mechanism that’s holding the wheel in position. When you’re playing a game and need to swiftly navigate through your inventory, the mouse has a minor feature that makes it more versatile.


The M65 from Corsair has long been a favorite of mine. It weighs a tonne and has buttons that are large enough that I never miss them. If you’re used to lighter, lower-profile mice, this might seem like an ungainly setup, but it always feels in complete command of the mouse. Because of this, users can enjoy using the new M65 Ultra Wireless, which maintains the same design (including the capability of adding up to 18g of weight) but cuts off the connection and supports Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless communication.

You may increase its weight from 110g to 128g by adding three additional weights, just like with the wired version. This mouse is a monster in comparison to other wireless mice, which typically weigh less than 65g.


A wireless version of Logitech’s G303 Daedalus mouse was just released in cooperation with a professional player and streamer Shroud. There is a shroud for the G303 that goes by the same name. Even though this wireless mouse has only two side buttons and a DPI changer, it’s a long-lasting, comfortable alternative that appears particularly well-suited to first-person shooters, despite its lack of functionality.

However, gamers who don’t want their mouse to feel like they’re being cradled by their grasp could prefer the G303 Shroud over the G502 Lightspeed. It has a shape that works for both right-handed and left-handed people, but the thumb buttons are better for right-handed people. The sides are made of clear plastic and stick out a bit to fit your thumb joint and stop your pinky on the other side.

There is only one LED on the G303 Shroud’s battery indicator, which some minimalists will appreciate for its lack of glitz. The G303’s appearance or feel is in the hand but it is a good choice if you want a basic wireless gaming mouse and can afford the price.

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