The Best Webtoon applications in 2021

For a long time, webtoon have been considered as one of the ways to entertain people. Life is getting busier and busier, and people are always looking for entertainment. To meet their needs, people have created extremely convenient platforms and especially applications. In this article, I will mention 10 great webtoon apps for you guys:

No stranger to readers, webtoon is a great choice. With an eye-catching interface, users will be easy to use. With a huge treasure trove of stories covering all genres, readers will certainly not regret it. In particular, this is a free webtoon, you can freely read manhwa.

2. is an application quite similar to webtoons. Readfreecomics has a wide variety of stories from bl romance, bl manhwa, bl manhua to action, …. With a huge treasure trove of stories and attractive content, readers can find any webtoon they like. However, there is an uncomfortable point that this website still contains ads, you may find it annoying to read the best manhwa.

3. Manytoon
On google play store, Manytoon is rated quite well. It also has the same functionality as other apps. Previously, this app had many manhwa 18, mature webtoon,bl webtoons, bl manhwa, bl manhua. This is an app that can be trusted, everyone should try it out.

This is a completely free manhwa website that readers will surely enjoy. With you have a lot of choices, with a wide variety of genres, not inferior to other applications.

5. is an extremely popular application with 18+ story content. Not only that, also provides a lot of stories of other genres: romance, fantasy, action, horror,… All are available on However, the application is not completely free. To earn money you need to play the game so you can keep reading.

6. is an app with tons of novels, light novels, webtoons, manhwa with rich content. It is similar to Lightnovel, but not all stories on Lightnovel have it. If you can’t find the manga you need on LINE, go to to read many manhwa.

7. is very famous for Solo Leveling. With a close interface, easy to use, users gradually love this manhwa application. However, with this application, it does not have a lot of free content, you must pay to read.

Want to read the original webtoon? Do you want to practice learning Korean? Then come to naver webtoon. is extremely famous for its rich story treasure, attractive reading content. This is considered one of the most amazing applications.

9. has a lot of great features you can consider using. This is a free webtoon with a huge collection of stories, well worth choosing.
10. includes all the features that readers need. With an easy-to-use interface, along with a great collection of stories, guarantees you the best experience.

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