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PDF editing has turned out to be a diverse department embedding across different devices to enhance utility and use cases. There are many PDF editor software that has taken the mantle to present light and different versions of their offline PDF editing tools. Among them, PDFelement for iOS has turned out to be quite explicit and detailed in providing iPad users with exceptional diversity in tools and functions.

This article introduces users to a PDF editor app that intends to take up the existing mobile version of different PDF editing tools and build up a standard that would completely change the understanding of using PDF editing software across iPads and other iOS devices.

Part 1: What is Wondershare PDFelement

You would come across many tools while searching for the perfect tool for editing PDF files across your iPad. To gain the optimal experience in PDF editing, you should consider trying out Wondershare PDFelement for this purpose. This exceptional PDF editor app provides an all-in-one experience in PDF editing to its users.

While being a versatile platform for users, it supports PDF editing across desktop, mobile, and a web browser which is quite positive for managing PDF documents. No matter where you are, PDFelement makes it relatively easy for you to make good use of its tools for making significant changes across PDF documents. This article would be asserting its focus on providing users with a detailed guide on how to use PDFelement for iOS for their iPads.

Talking about the functions of PDFelement across iPad, some exceptional functions are extremely notable across this platform. Unlike other PDF editor app that does not support such features, PDFelement is quite advanced in this case. If you are looking into PDFelement as the choice for your iPad, you should be made aware of the following features.

Better UI Design with Dark Mode

User interface (UI) is one of the significant characteristics that define the success or failure of software. It is explainable that with a buggy UI, the user is not catered to their problems, which in turn leads to the software’s performance. PDFelement has realized the importance of a good UI and has worked exceptionally on its improvement. While making all features accessible to the users through the home page, users can also enjoy dark mode across the system.

With better eye protection while working across your iPad, PDFelement for iOS has ensured that the user interface discharges user accessibility and profitability in all cases.

Support of Apple Pencil

Working with a PDF editor app across your iPad can get difficult under certain circumstances. Device compatibility and usability are quite significant in deciding the user experience. Thus, the support of Apple Pencil across PDFelement is quite beneficial for iPad users. With the ability to edit PDF documents with an in-depth procedure through appropriate peripherals, PDFelement for iOS has undoubtedly changed the dynamics for other PDF editing applications.

Support of Multiple Functions

As stated before, there is an exceptional list of tools and functions available across PDFelement. Apart from editing PDF documents, users can perform multiple functions across their iPad. PDFelement provides users with the options of converting, scanning, annotating, and watermarking PDF documents across this limited PDF editor app. With such diversity in functions, PDF management is phenomenal across PDFelement.

Share Files Across Cloud

PDFelement believes in user adaptability and diversity in features. While providing ease to users, the tool utilizes multiple platforms for their convenience. While interacting with iCloud, users can share their PDF documents iCloud. All the data that has been edited is saved safely across the cloud platform. Along with that, users can even import the file across any other iOS device through the iCloud appropriately.

Part 2: Why People Like to Use PDF on iPad?

Multiple reasons have made PDFelement a sensation among iPad users. With the diversity in features, the tool has shown users why it is preferred across iPad. Although there are several other options to consider, PDFelement for iOS provides the best experience in PDF editing across iPad. The following reason explains why people like to use PDF documents across iPad.

PDF Management is Convenient

iPad provides users with a bigger screen to work on. While using a PDF editor app, users require a larger screen size for reading and marking PDF documents. Since a bigger screen experience is better in all senses, PDF management gets more effective and manageable than devices with smaller screens.

Device Portability

Portability is another significant reason people prefer working across an iPad instead of a computer. An important factor that comes before deciding the tool is the device’s usability. Under such a comparison, it is always advised to work through the iPad for PDF management instead of a computer.

Convenience in Writing

PDF editor applications across smartphones and smaller devices are quite difficult. It is comparatively difficult to make changes with the available peripherals when editing PDF documents across such devices. PDFelement provides an exceptional experience of using Apple Pencil across iPad to make PDF documents edits.

Use of Magic Keyboard

The experience of PDFelement across iOS is more about working with PDF documents across touch screens. However, to enhance the user experience, PDFelement allows connection with Magic Keyboard and compatibility with the device. This helps users utilize different shortcuts for improving and enhancing the workability of this PDF editor app across iPad.

Part 3: What Can You Do on PDFelement for iPad?

PDFelement for iPad provides extensive options to its users for working across their PDF documents. Apart from basic editing across PDF documents, you can surely lookout to develop PDF files using the tools offered across iPad professionally. To get to know more about the functionalities across PDFelement, you need to consider the following points.

Create PDF

Users can consider creating documents from scratch across PDFelement for iOS. The platform allows them to work on new blank PDF documents, convert any image into a PDF using appropriate tools, or scan a document for creating a new PDF. With a variety available for creating PDF documents, users can cover their project files and other important PDF documents across the iPad.

Edit PDF

There are various options in editing PDF with this PDF editor app. Users can work across the text and pictures with ease, add different annotations across the documents, vary across multiple annotation types, organize PDF files according to the requirement, and add watermarks. They can also manage the PDF pages of a certain document by deleting and adding pages across it.

Convert PDF

Another impressive approach to managing PDF documents involves converting the format of PDF documents into other supported file formats or vice versa. PDFelement allows users to convert PDF on iPhone/iPad into multiple file formats. Let it be Office formats or any supported image format; PDFelement for iOS makes it easy to convert your PDF documents without any discrepancy. You can also work across other file formats such as HTML, TXT, and RTF for effective usability.

Save and Share

Saving and sharing PDF files across PDFelement is quite simple for iPad users. While appreciating diversity in file sharing, users can consider attaching their PDF documents directly to an Email. While offering variety in cloud services, users can come across Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox for sharing their PDF files. They can also consider saving and sharing their PDF documents across the built-in Notes App.

Multiple Tools

PDFelement for iOS is known for offering a variety of PDF functionality tools. Apart from editing, converting, and sharing PDFs across the platform, users can go through file compression with the option of reducing file size according to given requirements. Following this, PDFelement also provides them with the opportunity to crop PDF files, making it quite easy for them to remove unnecessary parts from the document.

Protecting PDF documents is quite important within the professional field. To make file transfers foolproof and documents safe, PDFelement allows users to protect their PDFs using password protection. Looking into the variety of tools available within this exceptional application, users can also consider the option of merging their documents for comprehending file management.


Editing PDF documents across iPad always sound like a strenuous and challenging task to cover. There has not been enough development across the PDF editors for iPad users. PDFelement for iOS believed in changing this narrative and bringing up an exceptional PDF editor app for users to cherish. Not only can a user create new PDFs, but they can also always go forth for other compelling tools to manage their PDF document.

Go through this article to learn more about PDFelement for iPad users following its prolific review.

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