Stephen Shaw is a Globally Renowned Mystic, Spiritual Life Coach, Shaman, Tantra Master, and author of 12 bestselling, spiritual self-help books. He has been seen on KTNV Las Vegas, NBC Palm Springs, multiple radio shows, podcasts, blogs and magazines. He is an expert in transforming clients’ lives through highest-level spiritual teachings and by eliciting ecstatic mystical-tantric-awakening states. Read Stephen Shaw’s biography by visiting his website at

There are several benefits of reading spiritual self-help books. They should offer profound and pragmatic advice and “upgrade-your-lifestyle” suggestions. They should push you into personal growth and personal development. They can help you understand ancient mysteries, cultures and esoteric belief systems. They can offer explanations about alchemy and mysticism. They can teach you how to make dramatic improvements in your thoughts, beliefs and actions, and show you how to move into radical fulfillment, success, joy and peace. Most of all, spiritual self help books for women and men can shift you into profound states of self-love and ever-increasing states of compassion and kindness to other people.

Many times, spiritual awakening books provide readers with spiritual healing. Often the books are infused with divine healing energy, so that you experience emotional and spiritual healing while you are reading the book. The primary intention of sacred spiritual self-inspiration books should be to dramatically improve the vibration-feeling and quality of your life. Spiritual books can provide you with the knowledge you need to heal your emotions and soul.

A spiritual self help book can help you discover your purpose in life. It can help you focus on discovering who you are on mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It can teach you to accept who you are, and find healthy and joyful ways to express your true self, live your best life, and immerse into profound fulfillment and peace.

For those who prefer to read a personal growth book instead of consulting with a Life Coach or Spiritual Teacher, Stephen Shaw highly recommends his book Divine Love: Divine Love reveals awakened teachings for radical Self Love and profound Spiritual Romantic Relationships. This book invites you into deep authenticity, intimacy and freedom. Divine Love that flows into you and through you is the key to all fulfillment, peace and bliss. Absorb the advanced knowledge, secrets and keys to profoundly transform your life! This book is the culmination of Stephen Shaw’s fabulous spiritual adventures and contains profound life wisdom and spiritual guidance. Read his books Divine Love and I Am together and create radical self-transformation.

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