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How To Preview Instagram Picture in Large Size

Instagram profile pictures are locked in a small circular thumbnail. This is the reason we cannot view our own or someone else’s profile picture in full zoom. Instagram locks profile pictures to protect the privacy of accounts. No amount of zooming in on the screen or taking a screenshot can provide us a clear view of the profile picture in full zoom and high quality. For this purpose we need an Instagram profile picture viewer and downloader application or website.

What is an Instagram profile picture viewer and downloader?

Instagram profile picture viewer and downloader is an online software enabling users to view any profile picture in original size and resolution. These software allow you to download these profile pictures to your device easily. One such profile picture downloader is iZoomyou.

iZoomyou uses AI powered API technology to deliver Instagram profile pictures in original size and resolution for you to view and download. iZoomyou provides high quality downloads in jpeg format. You can easily download any profile picture and use it later.

How to use iZoomyou?

iZoomyou is easy to work on by simply downloading the iZoomyou app for your android and iOS device from play store and app store respectively or use the iZoomyou profile picture downloader from the official website of iZoomyou. Then follow the below mentioned steps to zoom in on any profile picture.

Step 1: Launch Instagram and navigate to the profile whose DP you wish to view in full zoom. copy their username from here, you can skip this step if you know the exact username of the person.

Step 2: Now open iZoomyou app or website and lead to iZoomyou profile picture downloader.

Step 3: Paste the username of the person in the field provided or you can even type in the username of the person in the field “enter Instagram username’.

Step 4: Tap ok. iZoomyou fetches the Instagram profile picture of that person in original size and resolution for you to view.

Step 5: To download this image to your device simply tap on the download button over the image and it will be saved to your gallery instantly.

Why choose iZoomyou?

  1. High quality profile picture view and download: Pass through Instagram restrictions and be able to view and download profile pictures in full zoom and high quality easily onto your device.
  2. Easy process: iZoomyou is easy to use and does not require you to download any extension. You simply need to enter the username of the person and you will get the profile picture.
  3. Unlimited access for free: It offers unlimited service of viewing and downloading profile pictures onto your device at zero cost. The app works at zero cost subscription models.
  4. Legal to use: It does not accept claims regarding invasion of privacy as profile pictures are already public, moreover the app does not indulge in any sort of hacking or illegal activity.
  5. Works on every device: iZoomyou works on every device. You can download and use iZoomyou on your android or iOS mobile phone, PC, laptop or tablet. You can download the iZoomyou app on your device or use the official iZoomyou

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