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Best Times to Post on Instagram


Trying to succeed on Instagram helps to know the best times to post. But the content and the types of posts that perform well vary significantly by user demographics, so it’s essential to determine your audience before picking a time.

In today’s digital world, the importance of social media is ever-growing. If you want to gain visibility for your brand and reach more of your core audience, Instagram can be a great platform to explore. So, for successful Instagram marketing, you surely need to understand the best times to post there. In this guide, you can explore more about this. 

The Importance of Posting the Right Time on Instagram

It is essential to know that posting on Instagram at the right time can significantly improve your Instagram results, motivate your followers to repost on Instagram, etc. Knowing when people are most likely to engage with a post can help ensure that the right audience sees your Instagram post and generate more likes, comments, and shares. With the current Instagram algorithm and new scheduler, you can plan when you want to post your content based on when people are most likely to engage with it. 

Post at 9 PM

The statistics show that Instagram users are most active on the platform during the day and time of social media users. Posting at 9 PM, the recommended time shared by many popular Instagram influencers typically gets fewer likes than posts made at 9 AM or 10 AM.

Post on Instagram at the time when your followers are online, and Instagram will reward you with the most views. Posting at the right time can massively increase engagement and grow your following. Be sure to start posting at 9 AM and then 1 PM, 4 PM, and 10 PM. Also, use Instagram chatbot features to connect with your audience when they are online. 

Posts Between 2 PM and 4 PM

Posts between 2 PM and 4 PM are likely to get the most engagement with marketing automation but the time of day isn’t as big of a factor as whether your product is relevant to the time of year. For example, posts about beach vacations and summer events tend to perform better during their respective seasons than out-of-season posts. Based on business analytics, Instagram’s algorithm is a bit of a mystery to most social media marketers, but what we know is that it takes into account the time you post your content. The best time to post selfies and pictures of food? 7 PM – 8 PM.

For the Final Thoughts

Well, to increase your followers on Instagram, you need to consider the best times to post content. There are three essential principles to remember: time of day, time of the week, and day of the week. Although it may be more convenient for some people to plan posts in advance, we decided against this method in favor of organic posting that adapts to our personal lives and to changes in trends since these factors can change week-to-week.

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