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3 Email Marketing Best Practices to Turn Campaigns Into Sales

Businesses in the eCommerce sector need to build certain strategies for promoting their brand and increasing sales. Digital marketing methods such as social media marketing work best for such cases. On this list, email marketing is one of the most efficient strategies for companies in different industries. While most people think B2B companies prefer email marketing, B2C businesses can benefit greatly from an excellent campaign. 

Knowing some guidelines, techniques, and methods you can integrate into your strategy will make the process easier for you. So, let’s discuss some fundamental email marketing tactics proven by other companies which made them successful. 

Three email marketing methods to improve sales

Whether you run an eCommerce store, offer SaaS software, or are in any other industry, there are some email marketing techniques you can implement to help grow your sales. This article will discuss those. 

1. Send a welcome email to new subscribers and customers

When there’s a new visitor to your website or a new prospect for your software, it’s important to welcome them into a collaboration with your company. This helps establish an early connection with the customer and build a solid ground for future relationships. In addition, you can also use a website chatbot for improving this strategy. If you’re in the real estate industry, for example, you should use a real estate chatbot to improve customer experience. When using an email marketing platform or a special tool, you will get the option to send an automated email to the new subscribers to your newsletter, for example. In the meantime, make sure to spice up the email content every once in a while to stay relevant and engaging. Moreover, use a customer success survey to analyze whether they’ve had a great experience with your strategy or not.

You can use your welcome emails to introduce your company, services, and products, show some advantageous features you offer, etc. Other options include sharing informational blog articles, providing discounts and offers, etc. 

2. Implement personalization elements

In the digital era, where technology allows businesses to automate most steps in the email marketing process thanks to artificial intelligence, such as sending emails, it’s hard to differentiate your brand from competitors. This is where you can create a personalization strategy that will help show an individual approach to each customer. But how can you achieve this when mass emailing?

For example, if you have an eCommerce store, your automated email can pick the items the customer didn’t purchase and send those items as a reminder. When you hire Shopify developers, make sure they create a user-friendly website so that you can gather this data. You can also send birthday emails, and abandoned cart notifications, educate customers on certain products they’re interested in, etc. Don’t also forget to include their name in the subject line, use attractive visual designs, etc. 

3. Make your emails scannable

People receive a lot of promotional and educational content from various brands daily. And it’s hard to decide which ones they should read on, which ones to ignore, and how to organize their email in general. This is why you should ensure they don’t have any difficulties with your emails. Of course, you can add attractive banners and images, use the most engaging text possible, and personalize your emails. However, ensuring these emails are easy to scan is a great practice. 

As the latest industry trends tell us, you can use shorter paragraphs, add headers and bullet points, bold anything important, and leave some free space to achieve this. All of these steps combined will make your emails easier to consume.


While there are many strategies to grow sales and promote your business, email marketing is preferred by many companies. Using previous data and analytics, you can create an email list and send engaging yet effective emails that will help grow sales over time. Therefore, you will achieve business success with small but important steps.

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