TechnologySmartphone Technology:

Smartphone Technology:


In 1994 IBM created the world’s first smart phone Nicknamed “Simon,” this smartphone included many features including a touchscreen, email, and built-in apps including a calculator and a sketch pad.

Understanding the smartphone:

Lots and lots of technology is being invented nowadays in every field of life including home appliances, Cars, motor bikes.  Smartphones are one of them that have seen more growth in less duration and also you can check our best id websites

Smartphone technology has been developing day by day. As the day passes, companies like Apple Samsung and Huawei are creating new innovations like dual camera smartphones, iris scanner to unlock the smartphone, better low light photography etc., for more user friendly features as a hobby, I decided to make smartphone innovation by understanding what makes a smartphone and what techniques Smartphone Industry Leaders are using to make it more unique and beneficial for us.

Smartphone trends

When I followed smartphone trends, I realized that the screen was a common trend. People are always demanding big screens and no bezels around the sides. The term bezel is used to define the frame of the phone which is not a screen. They are mostly found at the top and bottom of the smartphone. Although this is a good idea, I believe that overdoing it will cause people to break their screens easily and in the end it will lead to higher costs for screen restoration or even getting a new smartphone more often than usual.

Before investing in their new smartphone people always search for the best camera results or cameras nowadays. Smartphone industries have been adding different cameras having different focal lengths to do different and multi tasks such as a wide-angle camera or a telephoto which is capable of zooming without sacrificing quality. The amount of megapixels has also been increasing to give us pictures with higher quality which may also be beneficial for people who would want to print their images in A3 sizes. Ability to shoot clear images in low-light scenarios is the factor which makes the smart phone different from the professional cameras. This has also been enhanced by the addition of special software within the smartphone CPU for brighter and clearer images


Although we all love smartphones because of their unique features and so many advantages, we are still aware of their disadvantages such as high prices, health risks and security issues. Most of the people use smartphones as a fashion due to which they invest heavy money on them which is not a good thing. These days’ people are having problems with their privacy. Their personal information, personal gallery is not safe and is approachable easily. They lose their privacy and are threatened by hackers for money or different kinds of harassment. People lose time for their study due to the overuse of smartphones.

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