Skyscraper Technique is the newest in the deck to get quality backlinks!

Times come in and times go by; seasons keep on changing and snow keeps on melting and forming. Alongside, the world of SEO takes on shifts too. One day it is this whitehat technique and another day it is that technique to get higher ranks. And when it comes to SEO and link building, similar things happen. People either buy quality backlinks USA or they do the link building work themselves. Now, link building is not easy and requires a beautiful blend of brain and hard work. A new method of link building is lately taking surface. We call it the Skyscraper Technique. If you are into SEO and backlinks, you need to know more about it.

Now, what is this Skyscraper technique? And is it really as helpful as people are claiming it to be? Or can it backfire?

Skyscraper technique in backlinking and its secrets!

Now, what is this Skyscraper technique that everybody is talking about suddenly?

The idea emerged when the digital air moved towards “Content is King”. With the arrival of RankBrain and the demand of the internet for better quality content. Till this very time the internet had already become a cesspool of poor quality content. People were stuffing content after content in a seeking to get higher Google ranks. But what does a skyscraper have to do with it?

Skyscraper was termed after the way this technique attempts to replace poor quality content (smaller buildings) with better quality content (skyscrapers) and get backlink for the quality replacement done. This helps in two ways –

  • It makes the internet a quality place with quality content out there.
  • It helps the website creating content in getting more backlinks and thus higher SERP ranking.

The idea was simple and it worked. But not all do hold the expertise to excel in this Skyscraper technique and get quality backlinks. Why? Because it needs to be done the right way.

So, how to make sure that the efforts you are putting into this technique are working fine? Read the steps given below to know more about it.

Start with the right keyword research!

It all starts with the keywords you want to target and replace the content for. Doing keyword research is not an easy task. A slight here and there and you might be putting all your efforts at the wrong place. This is the reason that companies go and buy quality backlinks (USA) to get some pace alongside.

Use keyword research tools available online to know about what people are looking for. If you have already keywords in your mind, it is time to assess them too using Google tools. Here are a few tips to ensure that you excel at this part.

  • the keyword must relate to your website and should be relevant.
  • It must be getting traffic and should be an isolated one. For example, if you are trying to rank for the keyword “expert SEO services USA” then make sure that this keyword is getting higher searches and traffic.
  • If you are choosing head keywords (keywords with a high level of competition), you either might have to pay, have an equal authority website, or might have an exceptional quality content.

Analyze the targeted keywords!

Now, once you have a list of keywords that you want to target, it is time to look for who is ranking for them already. If you can replace the content of those getting ranked, you can get higher traffic.

You can start this by using some quality paid tools like Ahrefs, Moz, UberSuggest, etc. These are the tools that most expert SEO companies use to assess DA and PA scores of links when you buy quality backlinks in USA.

To do this, follow these simple steps –

  • Search your targeted keyword in Google.
  • Now, make a list of all these websites that are ranking for the targeted keywords.
  • Do a backlink analysis to see which websites are linking to those URLs ranking on Google using paid tools.
  • Create a list of all those websites that are linking and passing link juice to those URLs that you want to replace. We will call this be list X for later reference.
  • And Tada, now it is time to create quality content.

Create higher and better quality content!

If you think you are adding something new to the internet, it is time to face the mirror. The internet already is believed to be having 1.2 million terabytes of content. And most of it is of poor quality. The buildings on the internet are lower and weaker. All you can do is to replace them with skyscrapers. What we mean is that you now have to create the content which is exceptionally well than those links that are ranking for those keywords. Here is how to create high quality content for skyscraper technique –

  • Analyze those pages you want to replace.
  • Find the flaws in that content. It could be anywhere from structure, to images, to old knowledge, etc.
  • Create content which is not just well but exceptionally well. No one will make the effort of opening up the laptop, the dashboard, looking for the article, and editing it just for the sake of replacement. Provide them the value to get the value.
  • Use infographics where possible.
  • Use narrative techniques to get a higher engagement rate.
  • Write shorter paragraphs that are easy to read. Have a higher Flesch score.
  • Include PageJumps in your content to help users navigate up and down easily.
  • Include expert knowledge and choose quality sentences to add grace to your content.
  • Use imagery to captivate the readers’ minds. Do not just tell that their website won’t rank. Instead, tell them that their websites will suffer the curse of utter loneliness, that they will cry for people to see but will die in that utter isolation instead.
  • Include statistics and research data to make it more trustworthy.

Many link building services, when you buy quality backlinks (USA), offer quality content alongside the high quality DA and PA links.

Publish – wait – outreach for backlinks!

Once you have created the content that you think is going to grace up the internet, it is time to publish the content. You’d not want to reach those websites with the content that has just been published. Give your content some time to see the world. Let it see some air in itself. And once your content has seen some digital world, it is time to reach those websites in List X (that we have talked about above) that are linking to your competitive content.

Create an Email outreach plan and wait for responses. Make sure that all has been done well and you have something valuable for them to replace your competitor’s link with your link.

Many people fail this Skyscraper Strategy because either they choose the wrong keyword or they target websites that are too, too, tall as compared to their own. It is like you are asking the person sitting on the 153rd floor of Burj Khalifa to tell people about your one floored house. Naah! Work wisely. If you ask that person, then provide that person with something valuable.

Now, these are all the basic things about how you can excel this strategy and create new opportunities for your websites from nowhere. It works very well when done wisely. If you find all this brutally tough, you can simply buy quality backlinks (USA). There are many companies out there in USA serving their expertise, like PLB. Know more about how their services can add many-times revenue to your company.

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