TechnologySealing Machines: All You Need To Know

Sealing Machines: All You Need To Know


As the demand for various easy-to-open packaged products increases, the necessity for a more effective method of packaging is also increasing to meet this demand.

Nowadays, there are tons of various machines that help pack and seal products effectively. This includes sealing machines that generate tamper-evident seals to guarantee the safety of the customers.

To keep up with the demand, manufacturers have to innovate their products as well. So, if you’re interested in learning sealing machines, here is all you need to know.

What Is A Sealing Machine?

For those who don’t know, sealing machines seal and close a single package or offer a long continuous vertical or horizontal seal.

There are a lot of various types of sealers. You can also find sealing machines that combine seal, fill, and form functions.

A couple of sealing machines transport the plastic film horizontally. On the other hand, some can filling and sealing machines transport vertically.

Various Types Of Sealing Machines And Sealers

Bottle And Cap

Typically, tamperproof closures under capped bottles are sealed in place inductively with the help of fully automatic, semi-automatic, or handheld equipment.

Before passing through the sealer, the bottles are capped with the tamper-proof closure held by the cap until it seals to the bottleneck.

Carton And Case

Carton and case sealers utilize taping heads to apply adhesive tape to the flaps of cases, cartons, and more.

They often utilize conveyors to pass the carton under the tape applicator heads. Oftentimes, side bets are utilized for machines that tape both tops and bottoms of cases.


Vacuum sealers are mainly used for meat and food packaging. The reason for this is that it produces low oxygen levels to prevent spoilage of the food.

Oftentimes, vacuum machines integrate a chamber for evacuating the tray or package before sealing the top layer or cover into place.

They can be automatic, semi-automatic, or manual machines. This depends on volume requirements.

A lot of vacuum machines can produce MAPs (modified atmosphere packages). Some manufacturers also use vacuum machines to seal boxes for perfume bottles.

L Bar

L Bar sealers are utilized with film to produce 3 sealed edges from an independent top and bottom webs or doubled-over lengths of material.

With each cycle, the L bar sealer produces an end and an edge seal. This results in an “L” shaped seal. The open end and side of each succeeding pouch offer a filling opening which is then sealed.

Typically, the sealer has a cut-off device to separate the packages. They are often utilized in conjunction with shrink film and heat tunnels.

Crimp Or Jaw

Crimp sealers utilize pressure and heat to seal pouches. This machine typically seals one item at a time. People can use the handheld or bench-mounted.

Jaw sealers are almost the same as crimp sealers. However, they are typically floor-mounted or bench-mounted units with bigger sealing lengths. Oftentimes, they are footswitch actuated.

A couple of these machines can be set to automatic mode to allow operators to feed packages into the seal bars without having to actuate their closing.


In general, clamshell sealers are handheld machines. They are created to add tamper resistance to self-locking clamshell pre-forms that people usually use for hardware items, salads, sandwiches, and more.

They’re often known as point sealers. The machine can use ultrasonic waves, heat, and more to generate small melted tack welds in packaging materials.

People can also seal clamshell-type packages on blister sealers where full perimeter sealing is needed.

Tray Or Blister

People use blister sealers to attach thermoformed blisters to film backings or paperboard. They can range from one package per cycle to automated rotary-type machines.

There are even machines that are completely automatic with mechanical loading of products, blisters, and cards.

Keep in mind that the blisters and the backings are pre-formed. This means that the job of the sealer is to only seal.

A couple of manufacturers use blisters or trays to seal PTFE bellows and other products.


People use band sealers to seal pouches. They can be vertical or horizontal. In the usual embodiment, a moving pair of bands capture the top of the package and move it past the heating elements.

The operator can support the packages from underneath by a moving conveyor. If the operator is sealing lightweight products, the bands themselves can hold them.

A couple of models have a tilt feature. This enables operators to seal packages with their openings tilted upward to avoid spills.


Manufacturers widely use sealing machines in the pharmaceutical, medical, and chemical industries.

People also use sealing machines to process glass beverage bottles wholesale, semiconductors, electronics, cosmetics, beverages, and food.


These are some of the basic things you should know when it comes to sealing machines. Keep in mind that the type of sealing machine for your business will greatly depend on what products you’re planning to seal.

As much as possible, it’s always ideal to consult a professional to help you choose the right machine for your business. Doing so will help you fully utilize your investment always.

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