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Public cloud and private cloud

1. Introduction

The continuous development of cloud computing has provided convenience for enterprises, institutions, schools and institutions to “go to the cloud”. Going to the Japanese cloud means that enterprises deploy their infrastructure, platforms and businesses to the cloud through high-speed Internet, and use the network to easily access computing, storage and other resources, reduce the cost of enterprise information construction, and improve the efficiency of maintenance and management. There are many ways for users to “go to the cloud”, such as using public cloud or private cloud. What is the difference between public cloud and private cloud?

2. Brief introduction of public cloud and private cloud

2.1 What is public cloud

Public cloud, as the name implies, “public” reflects that such cloud services are not unique to users. Public cloud usually refers to IDC (Internet Data Center) or a third-party provider providing resources to the public, such as application and storage resources, which are deployed in the provider’s premises. Users of the public cloud can share the resources of the public cloud at low cost or even for free through the Internet. Users can also personalize the service portfolio required to adapt their business according to the scale and needs of business development.

Ruijie Light Cloud Solution combines technologies such as public cloud and desktop virtualization. Users can share cloud resources through the Internet and realize unified management. The lightweight architecture, lightweight deployment and lightweight operation and maintenance of the light cloud solution can save costs and provide convenience for small and medium-sized enterprises and institutions to “go to the cloud”.

2.2 What is private cloud

The private cloud is built for a customer to use alone. Therefore, compared with the public cloud, the data security and service quality of the private cloud have a better guarantee. “Private” in private cloud refers more to the non-shared resources of such platforms than to their security advantages. Because private cloud is exclusive to customers, the platform is more compatible with customers’ actual business and software and hardware. The private cloud can be deployed in the firewall of the enterprise data center, or in a secure host hosting site. The core attribute of the private cloud is proprietary resources.

The Ruijie three-engine cloud office solution combines technologies such as private cloud and desktop virtualization to help enterprises, governments, education, medical and other industries “go to the cloud”. This solution has the advantages of adapting to customers’ business, ensuring data security and improving operation and maintenance efficiency.


There are various forms of cloud, and it is difficult for some users to choose between public cloud and private cloud when “going to the cloud”. At this time, users need to understand the difference between public cloud and private cloud, and select the appropriate cloud according to their own business and needs, so as to achieve easy and efficient “going to the cloud”. For small and medium-sized enterprises with simple business, public cloud can be selected. This solution has the advantages of saving deployment costs, small maintenance workload and good scalability. For enterprises and institutions with high data security requirements, private cloud can be selected. This solution has the advantages of good cloud service quality, high compatibility and high data security.

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