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Passive candidate sourcing using executive search software 

Executive recruiters are known to deliver only the best candidates. Clients can be confident in their belief that their executive and c-suite roles will be filled with high-calibre senior executives. But how do head-hunters carry out their executive candidate sourcing to this stellar level every time? Is using an executive search software system truly valuable?

Well, the straightforward answer is yes. A recruitment software system for head-hunters can improve candidate sourcing as well as introduce innovative methods of completing daily tasks easily. Because for every type of recruiting, efficiency and effectiveness mean happier candidates, satisfied clients, and reduction in costs.

The key objective in recruiting is to obtain the most skilled candidate and match them with the role being advertised. In executive search, there is a heightened need to find the most qualified executive faster than the competitor. A senior executive influences the growth of their organization. Their strategic decisions affect the company, and their leadership abilities guide the middle management and junior employees. Therefore, it is necessary to source and vet these senior executives very carefully.

For head-hunters and their talent acquisition teams, quality executive candidate sourcing will be smooth with the ability to spot and filter suitable talents quickly and with reduced admin activity. Clients expect a solid list of senior executives on the shortlist. But it cannot always be easy to find appropriate talent quickly. This is where an AI-enabled executive search software plays an important part in executive candidate sourcing.

It is easy to depend on active job seekers to find the role and apply for it. But this does not help head-hunters. A lot of the time, executive search is carried out quietly as clients do not want to attract any undue attention. Employers use the services of search firms because they expect head-hunters with specialized talent sourcing skills to find the most qualified c-suite candidate for them. Hence, relying only on those actively seeking to change roles might be a challenge.

Active job seekers are not as plentiful in the executive search world as it is in traditional recruitment. Most individuals in senior management are not inclined to change jobs quickly. They look to stay in their roles for longer periods. So, what can an executive recruiter do in this instance?

Well, passive candidate sourcing is an integral component in executive head-hunting. Recruiters turn to executive search software to assist them in identifying, approaching, and engaging quality executives – both active and passive. Social media platforms are the first point of contact for all recruiters as virtually every professional has a social media account. But bear in mind that c-suite executives are not easy to reach there either as they are either too busy to use their social media regularly or to keep up with the flood of messages they receive there.

How an executive recruitment software aids the head-hunter is by quickly filtering the most suitable executive from sites like LinkedIn. Using this software allows the recruiter to simply save the executive’s account so they have immediate access to real-time information instead of manually copying information off LinkedIn that can be outdated at any time.

AI-powered recruitment software also makes filtering potential candidates easier. It can quickly pull up a list of suitable executives complete with their publicly available contact details. This is much more useful than professional networking sites which do not have all the crucial information on their platforms. Sending messages on their social media accounts often go ignored. It is much better to find a contact number or email address wherein even the passive executive candidates can be contacted.

Passive candidate sourcing software enables recruiters to find a variety of talent and keep them interested during the recruiting stage. They do not have to depend only on active jobseekers and compromise on the quality of candidates. Just because many executives are not actively out there seeking to change jobs does not mean they will not be interested in new opportunities. Leveraging a robust candidate sourcing software is beneficial to everyone.

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