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Over the Top (OTT) Live Streaming Mobile Applications

To capture and share specific moments in time with others, individuals and businesses opt into live streaming. Depending on the platform, uploading, recording, and sharing live streams may be a quick and easy endeavor. Additionally, live streaming is already appearing on more popular mobile applications within various app distribution stores and is currently being used for a multitude of uses such as streaming video games, news broadcasts, entertainment events, online lectures, and more.

Regardless of your business objectives, live streaming specific events or campaigns within your company may assist your business with increasing engagement levels, raising brand value, and optimizing customer satisfaction as clients become more up-to-date on brand-relevant products and services. To stay relevant more relevant to market trends and customer preferences, businesses may reach out to a local Los Angeles mobile app development agency, such as, to custom build a mobile application for their brand, which includes the necessary live streaming functions and features to accommodate various business objectives.

What is Live Streaming?

Put simply, live streaming is the delivery of media files being transmitted online in real-time. Users may stream in real-time or broadcast a recording live for other users to participate, engage, or listen to. Live streaming is similar to live to broadcast for sporting events, concerts, and business conferences or seminars.

Depending on the platform, users that are members of particular accounts with live streaming features may offer their media streams for their public or private audiences. In more detail, individuals and businesses may opt into using over-the-top (OTT) live streaming mobile applications for media sharing purposes.

Common Live Streaming Functions

With access to live streaming features, users may begin to use various functions for the promotion of setting up, configuring, promoting, managing, and sharing their live streams. Typically, the basic functionality includes pressing record and having a video appear and broadcast in real-time for other users to engage and interact with. For more information about common livestreaming functions, users may review the varied aspects of Twitch the live streaming platform. 

Common live streaming functions include choosing a streaming video quality, such as HD, 4K, and 1080p, sending notification alerts to other users about newly launched video streams, and in-app chat functions for other users to participate and send reactions on. To add, other features may include sharing live stream files to other social media accounts, optimizing video files with hashtags, alt tags, and account tags, and managing users by limiting permissions for select participants.

Over the Top (OTT) Live Streaming Mobile Applications


Facebook’s social media platform for mobile includes an abundance of functions and features for end-users to navigate to and interact with. One of the features included within Facebook is the live streaming capabilities. Within a few clicks, users may sign in to their account, select the live streaming icon, offer a title, and then press record.

Within moments of the selection, the user will be able to video record directly from their mobile device. Alternatively, users may integrate a screen-sharing feature from an external source. Additionally, there are numerous functions such as pausing the video, closing chat and reactions options, and social tagging to other uses during the live stream events.


Instagram offers various media uploading and sharing options, Live Streaming included. Available for both iOS and Android mobile devices, Instagram uses a user-friendly and responsive interface to enable end-users with posting different media and content from one single source.

Instagram users may open their camera feature, and then select the live stream option to begin live streaming. Once the feature is selected, Instagram sends period reminders to other users to attract more audiences to live streams, opens chat systems for real-time communication, and offers video management tools for added functionality.


The Live Streaming video app, LiveMe, serves as another user-friendly platform for video streaming. Upon registration, users may integrate their associated social media accounts for added functionality, along with account setup and configurations of settings. When choosing to live stream on LiveMe, the mobile application alerts other users of video streams in progress, there are chat systems for higher user engagement, and user permissions management options for administrators. Additionally, there are “coin” payment systems for businesses seeking to earn additional revenue from live streams.


As a gaming and video live streaming service, Nonolive is a useful and simple-to-use live streaming app that assists users with engaging larger target audiences. Along with living streaming capabilities, the mobile application serves as a great source for communicating with other users, setting up gifting and donation systems.


As one of the most popular live streaming mobile applications on the market, Twitch continues to serve both individuals and businesses with video streaming features for gaming, event recording, news broadcasting, conference and lecture streaming, and more. There are lobbies and chat rooms for users to communicate, video uploading, management, and editing options, donation and subscription services for businesses, and social media account integration for easier and quick media publications.


For all virtual events, Vimeo offers live streaming features for its users. From within the mobile application, users may set up their events specifically to meet admin preferences. These settings include configurations to visual displays, audio feedback, and media and graphics adjustments.

Additionally, Vimeo offers a preview of live videos for testing purposes. These tests include mic and audio checks, screen visual display, and menu and settings configurations. Lastly, the user may continue with broadcasting their virtual event to public or private groups while engaging with users on Questions and Answers (Q&A) and chat systems.


Youtube is known for its expansive library of video media published within its platform. As a leading platform in video placement and publications, there are numerous features for managing content on user accounts, editing and optimizing video content, and live streaming events or recordings. Users may choose to start a broadcast and then record in real-time while communicating with others on the chat communication feature. While on the live stream, users may promote their virtual event and request user comments to support their brand channel.


The over-the-top (OTT) live streaming mobile applications available within the mobile app market offer mobile device users and businesses the ability to record events virtually and in real-time at their location of choice. These services prove exceptionally useful for streaming sporting events, business conferences, lectures and seminars, news reports, and more. Above all, they are simple to use and help to increase user engagement with brand accounts to better reach business objectives.


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