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Online Mentor Starter Pack: Use A Word To PDF Converter


E-learning becomes a substitute for classroom learning in this time of the pandemic. Learning and training in different fields are done through our digital resources. 

Hence, with the use of various electrical devices: computers, tablets, and cellular phones, people can adapt to online learning.

As an online mentor, one is assigned in distributing online learning materials. In this way, continuous learning of the students can still be secured. Therefore, having a versatile platform accessible to any device for online modules is important. It is a big plus if the one that you use is free and accessible anytime. 

Once you have done writing your e-textbooks formatted as a word document, you can now convert it into a PDF file using a Word to PDF converter free and ready for sharing! In this article, the reasons why an online mentor should invest in Word to PDF converters are presented. 

Product documentation is a common task for product managers. They need to create product documentation that contains the top-level features and functions.

  1. Online modules can be accessed by your selected viewers. 

Have you ever thought of restricting the viewers of your created documents? Well, making it exclusive for your students’ eyes only is now an option! You can secure PDF by having it encrypted with a password. When you open your converted PDF file, you can find the “Encrypt with Password” option in the tools section. You will be required to enter the password that you will use to open the file. You can share it with your selected viewers only. 

  1. Versatile with many types of elements that can be inserted in a single document.

One reason why PDF formats are opted for by many is that they can preserve the document formatting even with graphics and tables. It also allows you to integrate various types of content: text, images, tables, video, audio files, animations, hyperlinks that can make your document more interactive for the viewers. You can organize these elements in a single file for your reports and presentations. You do not need to limit creativity when creating your presentation

  1. PDF has a smaller file size than other formats.

You can compress PDF formatted files into a smaller file size. It saves storage space on the hard drive and has a faster speed when sending files, and can be attached to emails since it requires a maximum capacity. As an online mentor, one is expected to have stored multiple documents already on her device. PDF files can save the remaining storage space of the computer drive. It will also allow you to have the ease of sharing your files since it will not eat up much of their storage space when downloaded on their electronic device.

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  1. Accessible on any operating system.

The beauty of PDFs is their universality because they can be opened and viewed on any computer, operating system, or software application that supports it. Almost all software tools that generate digital files support the PDF format and even allow users to create PDF versions of their files from within their software apps.

Scanners, printing systems, and copiers can create PDFs from printed documents or electronic content. That is why creating PDF content can be convenient because of its availability to almost any source. 

  1. Easy to share or receive without compromising the file’s quality.

The ease of sharing your files is an important factor since you created them purposely as learning material. Although these PDF files are accessible on any operating system, the file’s quality will not have to be compromised. The original layout done by the creator will still be in the same format once received and viewed. The placing of the tables, font style used, and images will be intact and do not need to be adjusted after being converted.

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The benefits of technology are prominent in this time of the pandemic. Classroom teaching has been postponed for a while and made a switch to online learning. In this way, adaptation to technology has been essential.

Good thing, there are various online tools that you can use whenever there is a need. One of them is GogoPDF. In just a few clicks, your word document can now be available for sharing once the editing is done. Also, you can measure the security of your file. In this way, you don’t have to worry about thinking that your file might have been altered. Your created modules can now be enjoyed by your students!

Students have different learning styles, some are attracted to visuals, so usage of images is a must, while some are into aural, in this case, the addition of sound effects can be a great option. This can be made possible when you create your file using a PDF format. I hope this article has helped you whether you should invest in a PDF to Word converter. This is a life-time problem solver for you!


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