TechnologyIs Your Phone Service Going Bad?

Is Your Phone Service Going Bad?


These days, having a cell phone is no longer a commodity but a necessity. Whether your job is in business, healthcare, or customer service, you likely depend on your cell for communication in more ways than one.

So, of course, when you lose your cell signal and find it hard to connect, it can feel like a disaster. If a signal problem starts to become a new normal, then you have to ask yourself if it’s your phone or provider causing the issue and what you should do.

Before you spend a ton of money on a new phone, here are some helpful tips to help you sort out why your service isn’t working. You may even find some quick fixes in the mix.

Look at Your Operating System

Are you the type of person who routinely shuts down your phone and charges it fully, or do you leave your phone on and never let it actually reset? It doesn’t matter if you’ve got one of the best Boost Mobile devices. If you’re experiencing a constant lag in most of your apps and spotty service, your phone’s operating system could be outdated.

Many people assume most updates happen automatically. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. An old operating system can mean slow speed and non-compatible apps and software.

A simple solution can be going to your systems and checking to see if your phone’s operating system is due for a manual update. You will find things running a whole lot smoother once your phone’s system is up to par.

Track Your Service Issues to Location

Does your phone start to glitch at the same time every day? Are you finding a pattern that you can track when the spotty service issues begin? If you’re finding a pattern in the issues your phone is having, then it could be time to check your location.

If your phone starts acting up while you’re working, your signal may just not be as strong in your office building. You could even have your signal blocked if your work chooses to limit your phone usage on their internet during work hours.

Perhaps you are finding issues when you run a certain errand or visit a friend. Check their location area and the type of coverage they have. Your service provider may not have strong coverage in that location.

A simpler explanation could entail not just location but how many people are in that location. If everyone is logged on their network at the same time, your phone’s signal strength will not be as strong, which will cause the dreaded lag in service.

Check the Number of Apps on Your Phone

If you love using apps, chances are you may have quite a few on your device. Unfortunately, if you don’t have the space on your phone to handle all of the apps, you could just be bogging down your system.

Not only is it a pain to have your apps load at a snail’s pace, but you may be downloading apps that simply aren’t fully compatible with your device. If your phone is slow and you have a ton of apps, take the time to clean out the ones that rarely get used. You may be surprised how fast your phone start’s working when it has more space.

If these tips don’t help resolve your service issue with your phone or device, then you can check out your phone model or service provider. If you have a dated phone that no longer allows your operating system to be updated, your device is working on borrowed time. Without an updated operating system, it will only be a matter of time before the newest apps won’t be compatible and service starts to worsen. Of course, if your phone is new and has plenty of space, then it may be as simple as your service provider not having enough towers in your frequented areas.

Whatever the case, it never hurts to try these tips before making a big change. Hopefully, you can wind up lucky and have your phone working like new.

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