TechnologyIs it safe to buy stocks via broking franchises?

Is it safe to buy stocks via broking franchises?


Despite its rising popularity and regular references in the news, stock investing may seem to be a rather intimidating pastime. The inherent risk involved with investing in the stock market may deter people from diversifying their investments beyond term deposit, gold, and mutual funds. If you control your risk tolerance correctly, stock investing might be crucial for maximising your assets. Peter Lynch, a well-known investor, claims that avoiding being scared off of stocks is the real key to earning money in them.

Advantages of stock investment via a brokerage franchise

The following are some benefits of investing in stocks via a brokering franchise:

More favourable long-term results

Being persistent and seeing you investment grow and expand is one of the key benefits of stock investing. Despite daily price fluctuations, the stock market often grows in value. An examination of numerous asset classes revealed that historically, the share market has provided investors with the best returns, outpacing both the housing market and all other types of financial assets. The research suggests that long-term share market often delivers favourable returns when given enough time, even when past performance cannot foretell future outcomes.

Paying Dividends

Dividends are paid out by the company using its earnings, that serve as a source of revenue for many of its shareholders. They might decide to reinvest this earnings in their company. Even if a company’s stock price has dropped, it is still possible for it to distribute dividends to shareholders as a fraction of its profits. The benefits of dividends received from stock ownership may be quite advantageous for investors. They also help to reduce volatility in stock prices by maintaining the price of the stock.

Advantages of Liquidity and Diversification

The stock market provides a number of financial instruments, such as shares, notes, mutual funds, and derivatives, that provide investors a choice of commodities to invest in based on their risk tolerances and financial goals.

Because it reduces your portfolio’s concentration, investing in a variety of securities also offers good diversification. A well-diversified portfolio helps you increase your wealth by taking advantage of growth across a variety of economic sectors and delivers a return even if certain specific individual firms’ stock prices fall.


Purchasing stock equates to getting a stake of a company. On most business decisions, a shareholder has a vote. The shareholders may sway management to make decisions that are in their greatest advantage since they control the firm.

Investing may help stop inflation

They contend that money must be diminishing if it isn’t expanding. Inflation has an impact on the purchasing power of money in this manner. Equity investments might be beneficial as a buffer against rising inflation in the present economic environment.


Stock Market Board of India regulates and keeps an eye on the Indian stock market. Stock sub broker trading has been safer and much more transparent as a result of the establishment of such an organisation. By prioritising sensor interest protection, SEBI greatly reduces the risks associated with corporate fraud.

One of most popular strategies for accumulating money over the long term is stock investing. Stock investment, however, comes with a number of risks. After all, the basic law of the risk-reward trade-off—more risk, bigger profits—rules the financial world. Before making an investment, it is important to have a complete understanding of the risks associated with stocks and the best risk management practises.

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