Introduction to Machine Learning Datasets

What is Machine Learning?

Traditionally humans used to analyze the data by themselves. With the evolution of humans, there has been a constant urge to improve the capabilities of computers to make lives easy. We have seen a long way from the invention of computers to artificial intelligence in basically everything, and it will keep on changing as we live and breathe. Machine learning is just another extension of this revolution. Now let’s learn the art, science, and basics of machine learning.

Machine learning is about learning the data, building the prediction model, and when a new data point comes in, it can easily predict it. It is a combination of tools and technology that you can utilize to answer your questions with the help of data. In simple terms, with the help of Artificial Intellegence Certification in San Antonio, machines can learn from their past experiences, too, just like humans. Every day in our daily lives, we see how algorithms over various social media sites work. You can search something, and then related ads will start popping up everywhere; that’s also data being processed by machines.

Types of machine learning

There are many ways a machine could learn; the various subcategories of Artificial intelligence machine learning are of 3 types.

Supervised learning – In this category, the data is classified according to labels provided as input for the machine to draw predictions.

Unsupervised learning – The learning with unlabelled data is unsupervised data where the machine learns by itself by sorting data.

Reinforcement learning – It works on the principle of feedback, where the machine learns based on the feedback provided by you.

What is a dataset in machine learning

Today we have humongous data available. Everything we do online is data for someone. Whether booking a cab, ordering food, or any transaction, everything is a part of data to analyze the patterns and trends of the population and make decisions based on the dataset built by you. There are 2 types of datasets- training and test set. So in simple language, the data set is the collecting data, making it uniform and presentable to be understandable to machines. And the data could be Numerical, Categorical, comparable, etc.

There is no universal format of a dataset for every project. Hence, selecting an appropriate dataset for a project becomes a crucial part of the process, and managing data in the real world is not as easy as it may seem. Therefore, it requires expertise and skills to process large volumes of data in the initial stages. People looking to build a pathbreaking career in artificial intelligence machine learning should always look for options to upgrade their skill set and knowledge with the help of online courses and training.


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