Includes Low Code / No Code Dev tools, a platform of the future that will make life easier

Today’s Digital Transformation has become a business necessity. Therefore, many organizations are accelerating the development of various platforms or applications to meet the needs of the organization transformation. But with the shortage of software developers personnel, that is not enough to meet the growing market demand. Or they are writing the same code and programming limited in terms of time and resources invested. Imagine building an application each time with complex code and may take months. How difficult and difficult will it be to create an app?

A miracle called the No-Code Development Platform has emerged to help people without programming knowledge create their websites and software. Without having to write code, This allows non-specialists to develop their programs, including a low-code development platform that helps software developers write less code. Make work faster and more efficient. Can shorten the time From several months, maybe only a few hours left, you can get the app to use immediately.

What is a No-Code Development Platform?

Many people want to create their website or application to run their business. But do not know to code. Those problems will be gone because the No-Code Development Platform makes users without programming knowledge (Coding) create websites or applications by themselves. This graphical user interface (GUI) based operating system involves clicking, scrolling, or dropping buttons, templates, or commands. The tool has been designed instead. It is a platform that is easy to use and suitable for everyone, including developers who can use it with less effort.

What is a Low Code Development Platform?

low code application development platform is a developer platform that helps design and develop a website or software as quickly as possible. With minimal coding, users still need to have programming knowledge Only to save more work time and get more efficient work. It typically has the following basic features:

Visual IDE system to allow developers to define the UI, workflow, and data model of their applications and insert their developed code if needed.

Connect to various background systems or services, managing all data structures, storage, and traffic.

Able to manage application lifecycle with tools to automatically build, debug, deploy and maintain systems in testing, staging, and production processes.

No-Code / Low-Code Tools

Examples of platforms that can be used

Chatbot: Software that helps to automate conversation reply via Messaging Application. Today many businesses create Chatbots to interact with customers in real-time, such as Landbot, Chatfuel, Mobilemonkey, Wotnot, Engati, Botsify.

Email such as services from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. Some tools can create Responsive Email that makes Email beautiful such as Postcards, Bee, EDMdesigner, Stripo, Topol.

Voice Apps Software for making calls or voice commands over the Internet. Like Alexa from Amazon or Siri from Apple: Voiceflow, Vuix, Jovo, Govocal, Zesty.

open source rapid app development platform software to run applications on smartphones. To meet the needs of consumers to make it easier to use, Examples of applications are Facebook, Slack, Google Chrome, Shopee, VIRTUAL, etc. Tools are Appery, Build a fire, Adalo, Appypie, Andromo.

Connectors, software that collects the functionality of different apps or extracts data (data) from multiple sources into one place. And automatically convert all the data into different formats Suitable for people working in Marketing, E-Commerce or any business. Tools include Zapier, Parabola, Actiondesk, Automate, Microsoft Flow.

A platform to create a website

Frontend with E-Commerce, a tool for building an E-Commerce website, but mainly focuses on frontend development, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Weebly, Webflow.

Frontend from Cloud Spreadsheet Bringing data from Spreadsheet to create a website. It has become a beautiful website to use from looking like a simple table: Sheet2Site, GlideApps, Sheety, SpreadSimple, Sheet.

Cloud Spreadsheet Adding features or actions to a spreadsheet makes sorting or calculating more special than a simple spreadsheet. Tools include Airtable, Ragic, Startinfinity, CloudCoach, Sheet. Best, SmartSheet. mendix vs powerapps vs outsystems vs Wavemaker alternatives    will be helpful.

Full-Stack Web Builders, a tool that we can create a website that develops both Frontend and Backend, collectively referred to as Full-Stack. Tools include Bubble, Anvil. Works, Codepen, Codekitapp, SquareSpace.

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