TechnologyImportant Facts Vacuum Cleaners

Important Facts Vacuum Cleaners


Vacuum cleaning is becoming standard in most households, and using vacuum cleaners can be tricky if you do not have the correct information. Always purpose to read your user manual to avoid some common mistakes.

The advancement of technology is a truly significant development in the 21st century. There are not many chores in our houses that do not have a gadget or device that could do that same chore. Technology has saved us time, and you can pour the energy used to do these chores into other meaningful jobs in and around our homes. Every day we wake up to a new advancement in technology that has been modified to take care of a particular duty in the house, leaving us all wondering what will come next.

What is a vacuum cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is a device used to clean surfaces using suction. It implores the suction force by sucking dirt from surfaces and collecting them in its dust bag for later disposal. It is a simple gadget to operate as you plug in and it starts working its magic, leaving your floor spotless.

Above is an image of a vacuum cleaner.

Here are some common mistakes we make while using a vacuum cleaner;

Vacuuming every particle on the surface

Despite the common belief that it is a powerful machine that cleans every little particle in your carpet or floor, you should constantly monitor what your cleaner is vacuuming. Broken glass and small stones should be on your list of don’t vacuum because using your cleaner to suck up those little shards of glass will cause more damage to your gadget. Broken glasses can scratch and damage your cleaner’s canister, while small stones will get lodged in the suction pipe, which will alter your cleaner’s ultimate efficiency.

Forgetting to use the proper attachment

While cleaning different surfaces, a vacuum cleaner comes with various attachments that can be attached and unattached depending on your use at any particular time. Using a brush or scrubbing attachment on smooth surfaces is a common mistake when using cleaners in our homes. Brushes are meant to scrub carpet surfaces and remove stubborn stains. If you use your brushes for any other purpose, you might reduce your vacuum cleaner’s durability.

Cleaning it wrong

You should give all machines a time-out! Using your device for extended periods without cleaning does more harm than good. It reduces the efficiency of the engine and its effectiveness. Every vacuum cleaner has a user manual with all the necessary instructions for using and cleaning it. It would be best if you always stuck to using the given methods rather than improvising. The internet can sometimes be misleading in cleaning different machines, while some have been proven to work. Moreover, some have damaged the devices beyond repair. DO NOT use baking soda to clean your machine.


After purchasing their best vacuum cleaners in kenya, many people will quickly rush through the user manual, and then it is off to pack in a storage closet or wherever you put your user manual. The user manual has a lot of information you can use to solve or avoid common mistakes. While the list is long, the few common misdoings above are standard practices in our homes.

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