TechnologyHow To Unfreeze a Frozen iPhone?

How To Unfreeze a Frozen iPhone?


The popularity of the iPhone is immense worldwide. The first iPhone surfaced on the market in 2007 and changed the way people use their cellphones. Since then, Apple has been introducing new versions every year. Recently, iPhone 13 was launched on 14th, September 2021 and since the release, the company has sold over 80 million units.

Although iPhones come with top-notch features, it does face certain issues at the time. iPhone frozen is a very common issue that this smartphone deals with often.

What Might Cause The Iphone Frozen Problem?

Following are some of the reasons that might cause the iPhone Frozen Problem

  • Not enough space: It will freeze when your iPhone doesn’t have enough storage to run the current app. So one of the ways to unfreeze an iPhone is by freeing up some space on the device. Delete some old photos, videos, or apps that you don’t use anymore.
  • Malware Attack: Malware is a common problem that can infect your device and cause it to freeze. If you believe that your iPhone has been infected with malware, you should take it to an authorized Apple service center for repairing.
  • Software Updates: Apple releases software updates to keep the iOS, macOS and other apps running smoothly. Sometimes after updating, your phone might have a frozen screen or may not be working properly.
  • Too many apps running on the device simultaneously: It might be possible that you have too many apps running on your iPhone or iPad. If this is the case, it’s best to close all applications and restart the phone again.

How To Fix a Frozen iPhone?

There are various methods to address the iPhone frozen and won’t turn off. And here we answer about how to fix a frozen iPhone:

Force-Restart iPhone

To fix frozen iPhones, you can force restart your iPhone. This is an effective method as it will not erase any data or apps. The steps to do this may vary based on the model you own.

For iPhone SE, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone, XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13:

  • Press the volume up button and release
  • Press the volume down button and release
  • Continue to press the side button until your screen turns on.
  • Release the button when the Apple logo surfaces.

For iPhone 7:

  • Press the volume down and sleep/wake button together and continue to hold them.
  • Release the buttons once the phone turns back on.

For iPhone SE and iPhone 6s:

  • Press the home button and sleep/wake button simultaneously.
  • Release the buttons once the phone shows the Apple logo.

Reinstall iOS

Reinstalling iOS can also be an option to fix the iPhone screen frozen. You can reinstall or update your iOS, and it works when your phone does not go further than the Apple logo. Here are the steps to do the same:

  • Connect the iPhone to a PC and launch iTunes
  • Start the recovery mode by following the below steps.
  • iPhone 6s and other earlier models: Press the home button and sleep/wake button together. Continue to hold until the recovery model appears on the screen.
  • iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: Press and hold the sleep/wake button simultaneously. Release the buttons only when you see the recovery mode has been launched.
  • iPhone 8 or Higher Model: Press the volume up button and release; press the volume down button and release. After that, continue to hold the side button until the recovery mode starts.
  • When the Update or restore option appears on your phone, click on the update option. This will launch the updating process without erasing your data and applications. If you choose the Restore option, all your data will be erased.

Note: Only choose the Restore option if the Update does not work.

Dr. Fone- System Repair

Dr.Fone – System Repair is an easy way to fix the iPhone frozen issue. The system feature allows you to address the iPhone’s frozen screen and provide a reliable solution. The software can fix the iPhone frozen screen without removing any data. And you can use it for various versions of iOS. Additionally, you can fix issues like iTunes error 27, iTunes error 9, iTunes error 14, iTunes error 4013, etc.

Steps to Use Dr. Fone to Fix iPhone frozen screen

One of the reasons to consider Dr. Fone to repair your iphone is the ease of use it offers. Following are some steps that will help to fix your iPhone frozen screen.

  • Launch Dr. Fone and your PC and connect your iPhone after selecting System Repair.

  • Choose your iPhone model and start the firmware download.

  • Wait for a few minutes, and your iPhone will go back to its normal functionality.


Irrespective of the iPhone’s frozen screen, there are ways to solve it. Dr. Fone is one of the reliable methods to help you fix the issue and keep all your data and apps intact. You don’t have to hassle with an iPhone frozen  issue when you have this web-based application.

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