TechnologyHow to Choose an Air Conditioner for Your Flat?

How to Choose an Air Conditioner for Your Flat?


India is a country where the sun’s scorching heat often becomes intolerable. The traditional fans seem useless against the heat waves. To make our living possible, we rely entirely on Air Conditioners. In that case, sometimes we spend more than it actually requires.

Various companies are selling many different models of Air Conditioners on the market. While choosing the right Air Conditioner helps you fight the heat and survive the summer, on the other hand, unnecessarily buying an advanced AC can leave you with a hefty bill to pay. If you don’t feel like purchasing one, you can rent one. Just search for AC on rent near me and grab the chance to cool yourself down without even buying an AC.

Types of AC

 There are two kinds of Air Conditioners.

1. Window AC

Window ACs are a cheaper variant of AC with only one indoor unit and no outdoor unit. These are made to cool down small rooms, which may cause a more negligible effect on larger rooms. Window ACs are easier to install as it has only one indoor unit. Although you need a window to fix the unit, you don’t need large holes to pass a tube through as split ACs. This also comes with a built-in heater which can be helpful in winter.

2. Split AC

Split ACs are comparatively costlier than window ACs. These are built with two different units, one that goes out and the other remains inside the room. It cools down at a higher speed and can cover up a large area. Installation and maintenance come with extra costs.

So if you have a small room and a small budget to spend, just go for the window AC. If you live in a city like Thane, where heat rules the whole summer, you can check out AC on rent in Thane.

If you are going for a Split AC, you can still stay under your budget. Here are some points to pay attention to.


All the ACs out there come with a different range of capacity. The capacity of an AC is calculated by Tonnage. If you have a small room, you can go for 1 ton AC, but you may need a 1.5 ton AC for larger rooms.

This capacity not only depends on the size of the room but also the average temperature and how much of the room is directly exposed to the sun.

Energy Ratings 

The energy ratings, which we can see as stars on AC, have a measurable impact on the cost of AC. The AC with more stars stands more expensive, and the lesser the stars are, the price goes down. But on the other hand, an AC with five stars is more energy-efficient and will consume 35% less power than a one-star AC. So choose accordingly, what you want, a smaller AC bill or a smaller electricity bill.

Inverter Or Not

Split ACs come with both inverter and non-inverter variants. A non-inverter AC produces cooling air directly using the power supply and has only on and off functions. At the same time, ACs with inverter converts DC into AC and give more control to the user.

ACS with an inverter comes more expensive, while ACs are comparatively less expensive without an inverter. If you don’t use AC more often, go for a non-inverter AC.


The more the additional features and functions are, the more money it will cost. So, if you have a minimised budget to spend, don’t fall for any extra features; just go for an essential AC.

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