How to Add Text to a Video Online Easily

Video marketing is undoubtedly on the rise. It’s working wonders for businesses, especially when grabbing customers’ attention to their offered products and services. Promoting a business through videos brings more engagement, conversions, and sales.

Videos are one of the most effective ways to show someone a procedure, teach new skills, or train people on new systems. It’s helpful to add text to a video for more clarity and to elaborate on what the content is trying to explain. Most of the time, simply showing visuals is not enough.

The problem here is, how do you add text to a video online? You can use best add text to video tools for this purpose. Before diving into the details, let’s understand why it’s important to add text to a video.

Why Add Text to Videos?

There are different creative ways of using text in a video to improve its visual quality. Adding text to a video can help you label your video or a particular object within the video. It can also be effective for adding a title to the video to highlight the content. You can use text in your video for decorating purposes and giving more context to your content. Besides aesthetical value, adding text to a video also serves a number of practical purposes.

It’s often challenging to convey important information in a video solely through images. This is one of the major reasons why the text is added to make communication easier between the video creator and the target audience.

Subtitles, text overlays, and opening and closing credits are used frequently to make videos more informative. Regardless of what the use case is, you can use the best add text to video tool to make it easier for you to place text directly onto your visual content.

Adding Text to Videos Online

Different tools can make this process easier and quicker. The steps below can help you out:

1. Choose Annotations

When you’re working with an add-text-to-video tool, you get the option of choosing your preferred annotation style. Just drag the annotation style to the timeline where you want it to appear.

2. Place the Playhead

Now place the Playhead on the area on the timeline where you’ve set your annotation. Try placing the Playhead on the text.

3. Position the Text Box

The next step is positioning the text box in the area where you want it to appear on the screen. You can use handles for making the text box smaller or larger as per your requirement.

4. Add Text

You need to double-click in the text box to add text to your video.

There’s no rocket science involved in adding text to videos. It’s a simple procedure that does not take much time.

5. Going Beyond the Basics: Enhancing Text in a Video for Greater Impact

It’s fine to go with basic text for your videos, but there are ways of customizing and animating this text as well. This is great because it enhances the quality of your video and offers it a different look and feel.

The add-text-to-video tools available online provide tons of different ways of enhancing text in a video and helping it have a major impact. For instance, instead of using plain text, you have the option of using annotations like a speech bubble, arrow, or shapes.

6. Know the Basic Enhancements

Are you looking to change the size, font, color, or various other properties of the text in your video? Not a problem when you’re using an add-text-to-video tool. Just select the text box and use the ‘Properties’ option to change the settings and the attributes that determine how your text appears in the video.

You can make all the essential changes to give your text an attractive appearance. You can even choose a theme and change the alignment of the text. You also get the option to change the size, opacity, position, and orientation of the text box on the screen.

The position and rotation properties are specifically helpful for animating your text. It’s also possible to change different visual properties of the text simply by clicking and dragging anchor points on the text.

You have the option of increasing or decreasing the time length of your text’s appearance in the video.

7. Adding Motion to Text in a Video

Are you looking to add a bit of movement to the text in your video? Even this is possible! Online add-text-to-video tools offer users the scope of using dynamic series of animations to draw attention to their message and add a bit of flair.

8. Adding Transitions

When text is added to the timeline, it appears suddenly and then disappears immediately when the time is up. This is where transitions can be effective. Transitions are good at softening this process and adding some elegance and style to how text appears on the screen.

You can apply transitions to both ends of a video at one go or to the beginning and the end individually. The ‘fade’ transition is popular among video makers because of its subtlety and because it does an excellent job of softening the appearance and disappearance of the text.

However, regardless of the transition you choose, use the same one throughout your visual content. This is important because using varied transitions can make your video look unpolished and dull.

9. Consider the Accessibility of Your Video

Like any content, make sure your videos are accessible to disabled individuals and those using accessibility equipment. While visually impaired or blind people might not be able to see your video, they can glean what it’s about from the audio and description.

This video description should include the text appearing on the screen to make it accessible to visually impaired and disabled people.


While videos without text are compelling, engaging, and impactful, adding text to your video can boost its reception and bring clarity. Even the text you use for indicating the titles of your video will go a long way in improving the quality of your video.

With the right tools coming in handy, adding professional-quality effects and text to your video will only get easier and simpler.

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