TechnologyHow Big Data Development Is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

How Big Data Development Is Transforming the Healthcare Industry


We consume and produce a large volume of data in our daily lives using the internet.  And this data is the new fuel that derives businesses and industries today. Almost every sector of society uses extensive data analysis, including the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry is emerging at a pace, and big data plays a significant role in enabling them to provide more efficient insights and operations to patients and their healthcare. 

These days the healthcare system is handling many patients with complex needs daily. Due to the increase in the number of patients, they face various challenges, including maintaining optimal operational efficiency, securing health records, real-time monitoring of health, etc., and big data platforms help solve them. This also induces the need for long-term solutions.

A massive volume of financial, clinical, operational, R&D, and administration data is available in the healthcare sector. According to Wise Guy Reports, in 2022, “the Big Data Analytics industry in healthcare will be more than $34.27 billion, and we can expect a CAGR of 22.07 %. The overall value of the Big Data Analytics segment globally will be more than $68.03 billion by 2024.”

Big data platform helps the healthcare industry derive meaningful insights from the massive data, enabling them to enhance operational efficiency and make significant improvements that promote the growth of the respective industry. This article will explain how big data development is transforming the healthcare industry.

Potential Use of Big Data in the Healthcare Industry

Tracking Healthcare

In this technological era, new healthcare devices have emerged. Wearables like smartwatches and smart clothes are now available to monitor your walking distance, sleep, heart rate, oxygen level, exercises, etc. You can check the daily data related to your health on your mobile phones.

Eventually, these devices generate data that can be used to determine the body’s general health and allow doctors to examine this data in their socioeconomic situation and adjust their delivery tactics accordingly. People can be alerted to potential health issues before they become serious. 

Prevent Human Errors

EHRs are real-time patient-centric records that allow the authorized person to use the records whenever needed. These records store the correct medical history and treatment of the patient electronically, eliminating the errors that humans can make while preparing traditional paper-based records. 

Customized Care

The healthcare industry can use predictive data in categorizing the records of different patients based on their medical conditions. The categorized reports can prioritize critical patients and give them customized treatment as per their historical records. This may reduce the frequent visit of the patient.

More effective treatments

The EHRs help in recording daily medical reports and doctor’s prescriptions. The healthcare centers can read the previous data anytime to determine treatment methods and medication efficiency. This helps eliminate inappropriate treatment procedures for specific diseases and gives more effective treatment to patients.

Providing Telemedicine

There is a shortage of medical care experts globally, especially in India. Due to the shortage, people are not getting treatment on time. The healthcare industry can remove this hindrance by using big data analytics. 

Telemedicine uses technology to provide medical treatment to people in remote locations.  Telemedicine can be used to review and collect medical data from patients with the help of big data solutions, and doctors can prescribe treatment based on the data.


Big data platform helps collect, organize, analyze, and provide quality and accurate medical data to healthcare organizations to enhance their services accordingly. The healthcare industry now has a framework for modeling and understanding enormous amounts of big data, which helps intrigue new clinical practice directions.

Quick Decision Making

Big data development helps healthcare professionals identify and provide quick treatment by reading the patient’s historical data. The historical data helps read the ongoing treatment, if any, or identify the patient’s current situation, leading to a quick decision-making procedure.

Real-Time Alerts

Real-time apps known as Clinical Decision Support can examine the real-time medical situation of patients and help the doctor revert when the reports are disturbed. Personal analytics devices continuously collect patients’ health data and send it to the cloud. Doctors and institutions utilize this app to monitor the vast data stream. 

Conclusive Thoughts

Big data Development plays a vital role in the growth of the healthcare industry. Big data solutions help provide the best healthcare services based on the historical data of patients. Doctors and other healthcare managers can also make better and quick decisions using the massive volume of data, and they can also prescribe better treatment to the patients. 

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