TechnologyHere are some Important Facts about Solar Water Heaters


Here are some Important Facts about Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters use a specific collector to heat water by absorbing sunlight (thermal). Solutions for differing altitudes and climates are offered in a range of configurations at various prices. Solar water heaters are frequently employed in both commercial and residential settings.

There are two different types of solar water heaters: non-pressurized and pressurized. A specific water pump is required for a pressure heater in order to circulate water through it (solar). A non-pressurized heater uses gravity to transport water from some tanks. The general characteristics of these solar water heaters are listed below;

Sensitivity to Solar Energy

Because solar water heaters (evacuated tubes) feature collectors with a tube, solar energy can be absorbed from a significant angle in addition to being effective on overcast or wet days. However, the sensitivity of solar water heaters (flat plate) is largely dependent on the correct positioning, such as the tilting angle, to ensure that the solar heater is facing the sun straight for efficiency.

Easy Installation

Flat panel installation is far more difficult than evacuated solar water heater installation. The reason for this is because flattened plates have heavier panels that need to be firmly fastened on a particular roof. The lightweight nature of evacuated solar water heaters, however, makes it simpler to build their solar tubes.

The ratio for Absorber Area

The absorber area of flat plate collectors is greater than that of evacuated tube collectors. Therefore, even though evacuated and flat collectors come in a variety of sizes, they all absorb energy differently. When determining the solar water heater price in Kenya, the ratio of absorber area is an important factor to take into account.

Cost of Solar Water Heaters

When compared to solar heater evacuated tubes, flat plate collectors are less expensive. As a result of their low cost, solar water heaters (collectors with flat plates) are common in Kenya. Flat-plate solar water heaters often cost 40% to 20% less than traditional solar water heaters (collector with evacuated tube).

Protection from Extreme Temperature

The weather can occasionally be scorching or extremely cold. Compared to solar heaters, the tube-like form of the solar heater (evacuated) marginally reduces freezing during use (flat panel). Solar heaters, however, can overheat in even higher temperatures if they are vented. In order to prevent overheating, a heat dump is inserted inside the evacuated heaters.

The efficiency of Solar Water Heaters

Compared to flat-plate water heaters, evacuated solar heaters offer a higher energy efficiency (solar). In order to reduce heat loss by conduction and convection, these evacuated tubes are separated from one another by a certain vacuum. The partial output used to describe efficiency depends on the absorber unit (active).


Any flat-plate collector that has been damaged requires a costly replacement of the entire plate. Whenever damage occurs, a single evacuated tube in a solar heater must be repaired.


This article should be used by anyone searching for the right features of solar water heaters, especially if they intend to buy one. Buy at least one solar water heater after accepting its above-mentioned key qualities to begin enjoying its advantages.

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