TechnologyGet To Know What Electromagnetic Shielding Entails


Get To Know What Electromagnetic Shielding Entails

Electromagnetic shielding is the process. Of controlling the electromagnetic field in the universe by obstructing the field with obstacles made of magnetic substances. Examples of these magnetic substances include sheet metal, metal form, and even metal screen. Sheet metals used during this process are nickel, copper, steel, tin, and brass. This form of shielding helps in protecting against outgoing or incoming emissions of electromagnetic frequencies. Electromagnetic interference can interfere with electronic gadgets, machines, and even applications used in critical areas. Examples include equipment used in the military, electronics, aerospace, and even on vehicular control systems.

Electromagnetic interference may occur naturally. It can also be triggered by the human being. The disruption may result in data loss or even death. EMI shielding is essential in medical devices to help save lives. EMI can generate fault signals that can severely harm the patient. The shielding helps in protecting the internal elements of the device. The shielding can be achieved by using a protective coat of metal on the medical gadget. This will ensure that the results obtained after the operation are accurate and reliable. The shielding also helps in saving money since repetitive tests will cost you a lot of money.

Examples of electromagnetic energy are:

  1. Radio waves. Radio waves are commonly used in broadcasting, data transfers, and even voice communications. The frequency range is estimated to be 3 Kilohertz -298 Gigahertz. The wavelength can be 10 millimeters or even longer.
  2. Microwaves are mostly used in ovens and communications during high bandwidths. The frequency range is approximated to be 3 GHz – 30 Terahertz. The wavelength is about 10- 100 micrometers.
  3. Gamma-rays. The gamma- rays are used in nuclear war and aero-scope telescope technologies. It is also used during cancer treatments. The frequency range can be more than 10 hertz. The wavelength is less than 10 picometers.
  4. X-rays. X-rays are commonly used during internal medical examinations. The rays are also used in quality control. The wavelength is 10 nm-.02nm
  5. Ultraviolet rays (UV)-UV rays are in UV lamps, during the elimination of microbe and sterilization. The wavelength is estimated to be 380 nm-10nm.
  6. Infrared- It is used during heat-sensitive thermal imaging. It is also used during therapies. The frequency range is 30THz -400THz and the wavelength is 100-740 nanometers.
  7. Visible light. It is used for normal visibility. It is also used in electronic screens. The frequency length is 400 THz -800THz. Wavelength ranges from 740nm-380nm.

RF shielding and magnetic shielding are types categories of EMI shielding. RF shielding focuses on blocking radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation. RFI can interfere with electrical circuits. Without the EMI shielding, the electronic devices will end up being faulty or even stop functioning.  The shielding is beneficial as it can prevent blackouts and brownouts. Brownout is any form of partial service outage while a blackout is a complete outage. It can also help prevent electrical fast transitions.  The shielding also helps in preventing power faults.  Power fault can be defined as any deformity in electrical current. Power faults can be a result of EMI.

EMI can result in overheating and fire. It can also cause issues with audio and video cables. Some of the devices which are vulnerable to EMI include smartphones, computers, WI-FI routers, GPS systems, baby monitors, and even FM radios. It is always important to note that WI-FI routers need the flexibility to transmit RF signals without any wire connection. Polycarbonate enclosures are ideal to use as enclosures. This is because it does not block EMI. Once the EMI is blocked, the transmission will also be blocked.

The performance of the enclosures being used can be interfered with by the gaps which have not been secured properly. Enclosures with continuous body designs are ideal to use. This is because they will allow less amount EMI radiation to pass through. There is also the need to use low-impedance grounding solutions. This is because frequencies in high grounds produce a loud noise. This is another way of controlling the ground EMI.

Spray coating during shielding makes it possible for the shielding material to be deposited properly. The spray is made of pure copper and stainless steel to help reduce the impacts of both EMI and RFI.

EMI shielding gaskets are automatic gadgets that help in protecting electronics from EMI. When the EMI shields are distorted, they are left in a shape that may allow leakage from the electronic circuits. The application of metal coating is one of the popular techniques for shielding electronic gadgets.  Some of the commonly used metals during this process are Platinum. Platinum is resistant to corrosion.  It is also less reactive and highly durable. This makes it possible to withstand wear and tear from both the acid and water. It can also be alloyed with other metals to enhance the qualities of other metals.

Gold is also used as it is resistant to corrosion and it is a good conductor of heat. It forms a good EMI shield and does not cause any corrosion to the human body.

Copper is used as it is also noncorrosive and t is highly versatile. It is strong enough to block EMI emissions. This helps in absorbing and blocking any interference which is likely to occur.

Nickel is also used especially when shielding medical devices. It is non–corrosive. It can be easily alloyed with other metals to enhance the quality of the shielding effect and increase the conductivity effect. Before using the metals, considerations should be made to avoid distorting the device.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, EMI entails many things. The above article has outlined some of the facts you need to know about EMI. Innumerable companies deal with EMI shielding. One can easily connect with the best company to help solve the EMI effect. EMI can make the company incur more on both the maintenance and operating cost once the device is a fault. To prevent such problems, you need to fix those problems at the earlier stages. The EMI can even cause death, especially through medical devices. It may also result in DNA damage and neural damage if not detected at an earlier date. You need to protect yourself from EMI by turning your smartphone on airplane mode at night. You should also opt to use wireless headphones.

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