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Factors to Consider when Buying a Water Pump in Nairobi


As with any other product, some factors must be considered in order to purchase the right one that meets the user’s needs. You should consider the following factors before purchasing a water pump.

A pump is a hydraulic machine that increases the overall mechanical energy of a liquid, most commonly water. Water pumps are extremely useful in transporting both hot and cold water in an impact system.  Moreover, water pumps are commonly found in hospitals, schools, homes, and a variety of commercial establishments. However, when purchasing a water pump, crucial factors are put into consideration.

Rate of flow

In general, this is the pump’s effectiveness. It is the time a pump takes to pump a given amount of water, primarily measured in liters per minute. You should check to confirm that you purchase a water pump whose flow rate is suitable for you, depending on your purpose of buying the pump.

The size of the inlet

The pumps mostly have an inlet size of between 1 to 6 inches, though it can be more in some cases. A centrifugal water pump sucks water from the inlet and discharges it through the outlet valve. For that matter, the larger the size of the inlet valve, the more water it will be able to pump; hence the faster it will do the job.

The quality of the pump

It would be best if you also took into account the brand of the pump. The engine or motor of the pump, in addition to the brand, might provide information about its quality. It would be beneficial if you conducted sufficient research and surveys to understand the standards of a water pump before making a purchase.

The cost

Price is undoubtedly one of the most influential factors when purchasing different products. Water pump prices in Nairobi vary depending on the type of the pump, with better pumps being higher priced. One should go for a pump whose cost is affordable and meets his work objectives. Moreover, a brand providing warranties is an excellent way to protect your purchase.

Maximum head and pressure

The water pump’s maximum head is the most extended depth the pump will be able to pump water. A water pump cannot pump water to a distance above its entire head, as its flow rate will be zero. For satisfaction, you should choose a water pump whose full head is higher than the depth you intend to pump the water.

The type of water to be pumped

You must consider the type of water you’ll be pumping. Transfer pumps are very different from firefighting pumps. Other water pump types are; chemical pumps and trash pumps.


To wrap it up, it is highly advisable to conduct extensive research before purchasing a device. Therefore, it is critical to consider some factors when purchasing a water pump to ensure you get a product that will serve you well.

As a result, if you are a customer looking to purchase a water pump, keep the factors discussed above in mind.

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