Everything is there to know about a bone saw machine in Kenya

The world is becoming a better place everyday. Things have been made simpler, faster, and easier by technology. Technology has brought an end to struggles in doing things. A bone saw machine is one of the pieces of equipment brought by this technology to make work easier.

What is a bone saw machine

A bone saw is a machine designed specifically for cutting frozen meat and bones into small pieces. It is usually used in the butcheries of commercial kitchens to cut frozen bones, fish meat, and poultry. It has adopted advanced technology with outstanding features of high working efficiency, low energy consumption,safe and convenient operation, etc.

The choice of a bone saw machine

The choice of every machine is greatly influenced by various factors. A bad choice of machine would lead to inconveniences such as poor quality work, delayed work, and also reduced income. To avoid this, the following considerations should be made before purchasing a bone saw machine.


This is a very key factor to consider when buying such a machine since any machine should be very easy to use. Then the efficiency of the machine will mostly depend on the model of the machine.


Price is a  prior factor to consider when purchasing any equipment. The bone saw machine price in Kenya will determine the service and durability of your machine. For instance, a cheap machine tends to have a shorter warranty period compared to an expensive one.

The size of the machine

Bone saw machines come in different sizes. They’re big bone saw machines and as well they are small ones. The choice of the size of the machine depends on the buyer’s preference, the amount of work to be done by the machine, price, and power of the machine.

Mostly,small machinesare used on small scale and use manpower while big bone saw machines use electricity and are used in big hotels or factories.

Space available

The amount of space available in the butchery should be considered before purchasing. Electric bone saw machine are big and thus requires a lot of space. On the other hand, manual bone saw machines are small in size and do not require a lot of space. This may disadvantage some butcher men with small-sized butcheries because they can not use the big machines due to space limitations.

Power consumption

This mostly applies to electrically powered bone saw machines. Before purchasing one, you should account for the power consumption of the machine. The machine will high power consumption will lead to overruns on your budget due to high electricity bills.


Bone saw machine is making work easier in the meat industry. As you plan to acquire one, take a look at the above factors to ensure you make the best choice.

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