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Digital Detox: How to Take a Break From the Internet


The topic of digital detox is becoming more and more relevant. Why? Think back to how your day goes. What is the first thing your hand reaches for when you open your eyes? And how much time in a 24-hour period are you without the Internet? Six to eight hours while you sleep?

Let’s find out the signs and consequences of Internet addiction, what is information overload, and who is shown a digital detox.

What Are We Doing on the Internet?

The short answer to this question is everything: work, rest, and study. People used to go to the library, now they open Google, they used to solve problems by walking into the office of a colleague, now they can write in a chat room, instead of going out with friends, they prefer casino gambling, and live communication with friends is replaced with stories on instagram.

We’re not saying that the new life doesn’t have perks and cool features, it certainly does. But we pay attention to how much time you leave for yourself to live reality.

Lack of digital detox and the rhythm of life, when you are always online, and your work time and rest no longer have no limits, you constantly check your mail or notifications, worried that you will miss an important message, and in your spare time hand stretches to the gadget to see how your friends are doing and what new releases on YouTube, fraught with information overload and Internet addiction.

What Is the Basis of Internet Addiction From a Medical Point of View?

From a psychological point of view, at the heart of Internet addiction, as in smoking, is stress (e.g. dissatisfaction with life or work). At such moments, hormones of dissatisfaction (cortisol, adrenaline, noradrenaline) release to bring the body into balance, you need to get the hormones of happiness (serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin). The Internet allows us to do this quickly and cheaply.

Our lazy brain turns to the Internet instead of thinking up useful activities for itself. Watched “youtube,” seemed to learn something new, and got a dose of dopamine. Scrolled through the Instagram feed, shared his photo, earned likes, released serotonin. And all would be well. But getting happy in this way doesn’t lead to a better quality of life. These are low-quality hormones.

What’s the Right Way to Give Yourself a Digital Detox? 9 Simple Tips

Giving up all gadgets and the Internet completely – a fairly radical method, can lead to even more stress.


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