Breaking Down Real Estate Postcards: The Go-To Marketing Tool Top Realtors Use

Realtors looking to build their presence in a particular community or neighborhood know the benefits of direct mail marketing via real estate postcards, a go-to-tool in any real estate marketing plan.

Whether a home represented by an agent was just sold, just listed or is an expired listing that has gone unsold for a while, broadcasting the facts and photos with targeted real estate postcards is an effective and proven method to increase listings, sales and brand awareness.

Postcards as part of a direct mail marketing plan

Along with website and social media updates – which some interested buyers may never see – postcards are an inexpensive way to notify the locals by sending a message directly into their hands, through the U.S. Post Office.

There are many forms of direct mail marketing for realtors, but real estate postcards have endured and are beloved as a reliable, affordable sales tool; and done right, direct mail postcards can generate leads, sales, referrals and grow an agency’s brand without blowing up its marketing budget.

Other forms of direct mail marketing, such as a letter in an envelope, have proven less effective than a postcard delivered in a convenient, colorful format. Real estate postcards are a great way for realtors to introduce themselves to the community or reinforce the message that they have always been there.

Most popular types of real estate postcards

There are many kinds of real estate postcards to address different circumstances, but the three most popular types are:

  • Just sold real estate: A sold home is an opportunity to alert the neighbors about nearby activity on the real estate market. Maybe someone is waiting to sell until neighboring home sales reach a certain threshold; they won’t know unless someone tells them. Just sold postcards can also demonstrate to potential clients that a realtor is active and successful in their community.
  • Just listed real estate: When an agent acquires a new listing, a yard sign and online description may not be enough to alert nearby residents. Neighbors are curious about nearby sales activity and someone may want to move into a nearby home.
  • Expired listings real estate: Homes that go unsold after months on the market may suffer from disinterest, but potential buyers sometimes need a nudge. An expired listings postcard delivered to the right place, may result in a lead for a potential buyer.

Vendor or DIY?

Sending postcards can be do-it-yourself, but many agents hire a vendor. Many companies who supply real estate postcards make it simple with online templates and design tools. Customers can target a specific neighborhood or ZIP code to send their postcards and even opt for mailing services. The entire order can be completed remotely on a computer (recommended instead of a smart phone) and the post cards will be in the mail in a few days.

Use postcards to connect with neighbors and build a real estate brand

Real estate postcards have become a go-to direct marketing tool for a reason: they work! The brief breakdown above about real estate postcards and their effectiveness in generating leads and home sales details how realtor postcards are a proven instrument that successful agents use to build brand awareness and increase their bottom line.

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