TechnologyBest practices to manage social discussion groups online

Best practices to manage social discussion groups online


Social media has transformed the way you converse. It has changed the way you have discussions with your friends and family.

Now with the digital transformation, the scope of discussions has increased as everyone wants to get their views and opinions heard. With the increased penetration of mobile and the Internet, everyone has switched to social media.

Let’s learn about the best online discussion tips with which you can stay ahead of everyone on online discussion forums.

How do you encourage meaningful online discussions?

The best part about online discussion forums is that you have tons of opportunities to converse with your audience. You get a chance to interact with your audience and share experiences.

It doesn’t matter if you’re under the same roof or across the world, you can communicate and collaborate with anyone. To have meaningful conversations, you must also make sure that your conversation topics are engaging and not mundane or else you run the risk of losing your audience midway.

Always make sure to define expectations!

With so many discussions on social media, it’s always compulsory to define expectations or else your audience might not join. They might join but won’t be satisfied with your session or sometimes be surprised. Hence, it’s crucial to be straightforward and list key takeaways and schedules of your online discussion.

Even during the session, you should always keep your audience engaged by asking them to leave comments and after the session, ask them if they have learned something new. Ask them if all their questions are solved and if not, then solve them promptly.

If you’re wondering how to define the expectations of your discussion session, then you can write a list of tips and guidelines about the session and pin it to the top of your chat or highlight them in your description. Thus, people will know what they can expect from the session right away. If they find it important, then they will share the session with their friends and family as well!

Once you have found your relevant audience of like-minded people, you can create a group and manage it well. Thus, you get better engagement, and they can further suggest your page to their friends and loved ones.

Be active and energetic during online discussions.

If you’re conducting an online discussion on a topic that you are fond of, then you can get lost in your thoughts and forget to engage with the audience. If you do this for a long time, then you’ll not match your pace with the audience’s understanding capability also may might get exhausted.

To avoid this, always set timers of 10-12 minutes where you ask questions to your audience, interact with them, play games, tell them about interesting personal life experiences, ask for feedback and ask them to share their views based on certain relevant topics. Break the ice early in the conversation, so they take part actively and don’t shy away from talking to you.

Active participation is necessary. While you might think this is difficult, all you must do is ask thought-provoking and interesting questions and ask them to share their views and opinions.

Hope these tips help you in your journey of creating and managing social discussion groups online!

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