TechnologyBasic Facts to Understand About a Pallet Truck

Basic Facts to Understand About a Pallet Truck


Manual labor that requires lifting, moving, or even storing can all lead to aches, bruises, and inflammations. Selecting the right equipment is crucial since it helps in, not only make work easier but also increases productivity. Today we will be looking into such a tool, the pallet truck.

A pallet truck is similar to a forklift, it’s generally used to transport, lift, and move heavy loads from one place to another. Its often used within warehouses or even various distribution centers. This appliance offers numerous advantages such as versatility, easy operation, and increased workflow. It makes work easier, but there are certain factors you have to consider before purchasing a pallet truck.

Type of Truck

Essentially there are two main types of pallet trucks; electric and manual. An electric pallet is powered by electricity and is more maneuverable, can carry more capacity, and comes with an automated fork. It can come with additional machinery depending on the model. Manual pallet trucks, however, are much easier to use since they are rather simple, although it still requires more manual labor. In regards to its pricing, electric is more expensive as compared to its manual counterpart.

Load Capacity

The amount of cargo a pallet truck can hold is a crucial element to consider. It generally determines the type of tasks it can complete, as well as where it can be fully utilized. Essentially for lighter loads, manual pallet trucks are preferred, since they are easier to use and can be used to move over short distances. For heavier loads that travel long distances, an electric pallet truck is a better option. It is also important to note that the load also affects the model of the pallet truck.

There are various sub-categories under both manual and electric each having a different load capacity. This factor greatly determines a pallet truck price in Kenya since the heavier the load capacity of a pallet truck, the higher the initial cost.

Area of Operation

This is essentially where the pallet truck will be used. Is it indoors or outdoors? These questions are important since it helps in identifying the additional features of the pallet truck. If the work environment is outdoors, it should have various features that enable it to work in different weather conditions. If it is used indoors, the size of the pallet truck should be considered, to allow easier maneuverability.

Other aspects of the work area should be examined such as; how wide are the doors and ports? How smooth is the floor? or are there any slopes, and can it be able to handle the weight of the cargo. Such details can help when deciding on the perfect pallet truck for you.

Fork Measurements

This feature is essential since it determines the kind of operations a pallet truck can handle. Short forks are essentially best for lighter loads, while longer forks make it easier for longer pallets to lift and drop loads. If the fork and pallet length are not compatible, then work can be extremely tedious, requiring its user to put in more effort to move around or even lift weights.

This factor, however, significantly affects manual pallet trucks since electric pallet trucks don’t necessarily require as much human intervention. The fork measurements can affect its stability, and can even lead to injuries if considered poorly.


There are plenty of other factors that should be accounted for before purchasing a pallet truck, but the above should be the key. Efficiency and making work simpler is the prime objective of using pallet trucks and most all, safety. These and other factors should be a prime focus when selecting a pallet jack.

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