As UK property prices and energy costs rise, how can a buyer determine whether a home is energy efficient?

Today energy efficient homes are becoming more popular as the cost of energy in the UK is soaring. Are you a prospective homebuyer searching for the perfect home? You can consider buying a home that is energy efficient because your electricity bills will be comparatively less and you will experience the satisfaction of knowing that you are using the energy prudently and in the process benefiting the environment.

If you are on the search for a home, you can get help from the best estate agents in Brighton to find an energy-efficient home in the neighbourhood, and this decision will benefit you now and in the long run. But as a home buyer, how can you determine whether a home is energy efficient? Learn about the important energy-efficient aspects you need to look for in a home.

  • Check the EPC rating

If you are looking for a property to buy, check its Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), which offers you the important details you have to know about its energy efficiency. An accredited assessor would have rated the home from A to G, and the homes starting with the A rating are the most energy efficient. Plus, one EPC certification for a home will last for up to 10 years.

If you need to know or find the EPC rating of a new property, you can contact a reputed estate agent who will arrange it for you. They will make the whole process easy for you by helping you find an expert assessor to perform the energy efficiency rating of the property.

Similarly, homes specifically built with energy efficiency in mind have high EPC ratings and these are more appealing to homebuyers, and if you are looking for a home with great energy efficiency ratings, you can get in touch with estate agents who will show you properties with similar requirements.

  • Homes that have good insulation

If there is good insulation in a property, it will keep you cool in the summer and warm during the winter. Many properties have insulation installed under the floors, in the loft, and also on the walls. Currently, cavity wall insulation has also become a priority for many, and the insulation requirements vary depending on the size of the house. If you are looking for an energy-efficient property, this is also one of the features you have to check as this will keep the energy bills down in the winter.

Ask your estate agent about the best ways to install good insulation in a property you are thinking of buying, so you will get amazing ideas to save energy and decrease your energy bill.

  • Smart and modern boiler and heating systems

Replacing old boilers and heating systems after buying a home is not a good idea because it will result in lots of extra expense and inconvenience for you. That is why when looking for a property, you should check whether it has modern boilers and heating systems that have an energy efficiency feature. It will help you to maintain it properly, and its smart functions will decrease your energy bills as they will offer you splendid features like scheduled heating and controlled temperature.

Therefore, having this in mind, look for homes with well-maintained boilers and heating systems, and if you find it challenging to search, get help from the reputed estate agents operating in Brighton.

  • Double and triple-glazed windows

Double and triple glazing in the windows also adds to the energy efficiency feature of a property as it helps in reducing heat loss, and this results in a few cold spots and droughts on the property. There are many excellent properties with double window glazing, so if you want to purchase one, get in touch with the estate agents.

  • Small home improvements and fixes

When you are looking for potential properties, you can check for any indications of new fixes and improvements already performed on the property to increase its energy efficiency. For instance, you can check if the insulation is installed or draught-proofing is done in the home to lessen heat loss. These small and positive changes to the property will greatly benefit you when you buy it and live in it.

Ask the estate agent’s help to find an energy-efficient home

Estate agents will offer you their guidance and will use their expertise to help you find the energy-efficient home you dream of. With their help, you can live a stress-free and satisfying life in your new home. So call them now and start scouring for the properties you would like to buy.

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