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Are You Looking for the Best CPA Near You? It’s now easier than ever!

If you’re looking for the services of a Certified Public Accountant or a CPA near you, anywhere in the US, it has now been made easy with the help of marketplaces that offer business’ quotes from CPAs, regarding a personal tax / public accountant or a chartered accountancy firm based out of your city. In fact, top-rated marketplaces like Ageras can help find an accounting outsourcing service provider in your town, in a matter of minutes. The process is as simple as it can get. Just visit their website, fill-in the online form and get quotes to compare. That’s it! It cannot get anything more easy than this. But, who actually needs a CPA? Starting from individuals to organizations, all those that deal in monetary transactions and have accounts to maintain, hire the services of a Certified Public Accountant that can take care of all their personal tax and corporate accounting needs in the most professional manner.

The services of a CPA can be related to filing of income tax returns, assisting in IRS audits and providing all types of financial consulting services that are of significant value to any organization or business entity. Through such business accounting services, a company can make informed decisions regarding future investment and formulate growth strategies. This is how an enterprise is able to make profits and earn increased revenue, by being able to correctly assess its overall financial standing in the market, its capital base and total company assets. Therefore, the role played by a CPA is to provide suggestions to a business regarding tax, balance sheet, IRS audits and also provide business growth consulting services. This was something in a nutshell. We would further dive into this subject in the later part of this article.

How Ageras Helps You Find a CPA

With a marketplace like Ageras, it is now a whole lot easier to find a CPA near me or you. You simply need to visit their official website, fill in the online form with all your detailed information about the type of business you’re into, your requirements, and thereafter you’re provided with 3 ‘no-obligation’ or ‘non-binding’ quotes to choose from. You receive these quotes within 48 hours of filling in the online application form provided in their official website. The business quotes or leads that you’re provided with are well researched upon, perfectly matching with that of your organization’s job role, job description and company requirements. The quotes are absolutely free and you’ve the choice of picking one or simply ignoring it, if it doesn’t match with your job requirements.

Who is a Certified Public Accountant?

A CPA may be an individual chartered accountant or an accountancy firm, offering strategic advice and assistance to a business, big or small. It can be related to filing of corporate taxes, yearly IT returns with the treasury department, helping in business growth, helping prepare for IRS tax audits and complete financial consultancy services. In fact a CPA is perfectly suited for performing such diverse, extensive and complex corporate accounting roles because they offer specialty services, and are fully aware of the ever changing tax laws and regulations. A Certified Public Accountant is an expert in preparing financial statements, performing internal company or departmental audits and helping you or your small business prepare for an external IRS audit. It can be through mock question & answer sessions and by maintaining the most accurate balance sheet. A CPA also assists in yearly tax filing, thus saving your precious time, which can be devoted to core business activities. Starting from tax services to audits, reviews, assurance & financial management, they’re experts in all.

Moreover, a CPA provides a full range of financial advisory services to companies and individual clients. To be precise, it is an audit that a Certified Public Accountant is authorized to perform. As a CPA has a higher level of training, certification and expertise and must clear periodic examinations, the services performed by one such expert or firm are of a complex nature. While personal tax accountants look into the affairs of bookkeeping, payroll services, final accounts, balance sheet, etc. a CPA offers financial consultation, business growth advice, planning, audit, prepare taxes and help in filing income tax returns. Similar to personal tax accountants, they also maintain financial records, statements and the entire financial database of a company. He/she has to pass a Uniform CPA Examination in order to be a Certified Public Accountant. They are thoroughly knowledgeable about tax codes, as they have to clear the licensing examination where they must possess all the information about taxes (income tax, sales tax, GST, corporate tax & professional tax).

The Precise Role of a CPA

Firstly, a CPA offers tax related services to individual clients and companies. In fact, they help and advice their clients in formulating robust tax strategies for reducing or minimizing their tax related liabilities and obligations. They also help prepare and file annual tax returns. Overall, their tax related services include tax preparation, as well as filing of federal, local and state tax returns. When you hire a CPA firm, they can also assist in an external IRS tax audit process. Primarily, the role of a CPA is to maintain the audit book of a client. One such expert accounting entity also performs assurance services, by analyzing all the company’s financial statements, records, transactions, expenses and bills. Apart from performing internal audits, external audit assistance and tax consulting; a CPA also offers financial management services to all business entities. A majority of corporate clients benefit from their financial planning advice, thus being able to make informed decisions regarding future investment, capacity expansion and value addition. Mainly, a CPA offers long-term strategic planning to any small or midsize business enterprise, by assessing its financial standing and position in the market.


It can therefore be concluded that a Certified Public Accountant is the perfect choice, if you’re looking for an expert that can effectively and professionally handle all your corporate tax related issues and everything about internal & external IRS audits, apart from other complex accounting roles. It can also be in the exclusive domain of tax preparation, filing income tax returns and providing top-notch financial management and consulting services that can help your company or organization grow. The services of a CPA are imperative for any business entity that wants to efficiently manage its taxes and maintain a transparent record of its finances and business dealings. This is exactly why the need for a Certified Public Accountant is felt by all companies, irrespective of size.

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