TechnologyAll you need to know about lawn mowers

All you need to know about lawn mowers


A mower, or lawn mower, is a machine used for cutting or mowing grass. Grasses with uneven height can be fixed with lawn mowers. In this article, we are going to cover what you need to know before purchasing a lawn mower.

Well-leveled grass makes the environment beautiful. Trimming the grass to level can be difficult, but with the help of a lawn mower, it can be done effortlessly. Lawn mowers’ prices vary depending on their features. As a buyer, you need to consider the following features before purchasing the machine:

Simple power function

Simplicity is the key for every buyer. When it comes to power functionality, you should consider or go for a mower that is simple and easy to ignite.


Always pick a lawn mower that fulfills your tasks. As a buyer, you should check which type of energy the lawn mower is using, whether it be mechanical or electrical. Make sure that you pick a lawn mower that performs your tasks well.


Check out the specifications of the lawn mower. If it satisfies your needs, then it is worth buying. It is very useful to purchase a lawn mower that has a self-operating function that speeds up the rate of work.

Mulching feature 

A lawn mower with a mulching feature makes work easier since it doesn’t collect the grass after chopping. Buyers should consider mowers with this feature.

The lawn mower price in Kenya depends on the type of lawn mower you want to buy. The following are types of lawn mowers buyers should know:

  1. Petrol mowers: They work in large areas and they require high maintenance for them to be more efficient.
  2. Cylinder Mowers: These mowers use multiple blades to cut the grass. It is most commonly preferred on flat surfaces.
  3. Electric Mowers: They are powered by electricity. The majority are used for small lawns.
  4. Self-propelled mowers work on their own. It doesn’t require to be pushed.
  5. Hover Mowers: They use electric energy. Mostly preferred for unshaped grass.
  6. Rotary Mowers: They function with one blade and on different types of grass.

The benefits of lawn mowers

Lawn mowers are very helpful in maintaining your home. It prevents injury cases. The following are the benefits of lawnmowers:

  1. a) They are completely safe.
  2. b) uses less energy
  3. c) They are portable
  4. d) They are long-lasting.
  5. e) They can cut different types of grasses.

Maintenance of machinery

Well, maintenance of lawn mowers is very important. Buyers should know how to maintain the machines for them to be efficient and durable. Having good habits and good practices when it comes to machine maintenance will save you money. The following are some best practices for machine maintenance:

  1. Always sharpen the machine’s blade.
  2. Have the habit of cleaning the filters.

iii. clean the machine after use.

  1. Always lubricate the moving parts


Before making any purchase you should do your research on different kinds of lawnmowers and make a choice that satisfies you. As a buyer, you have to understand that the price factor corresponds with the product you select.

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