Advantages of purchasing a milking machine

Agriculture development has become a national concern in Kenya. It is amongst the sectors that determine the economic development of a country. Milk is used to make various products and earn income for the local producers and revenue for the government. Kenya is one of the top 100 leading countries in milk exportation. To achieve an increase in the level of quality production, milking machines have been greatly embraced.

Figuring the level of approach towards milking machines, they must have some added advantages to hand milking. This makes milk firms operate more efficiently and effectively, increasing the level of quality products produced hence optimizing profits.

  • Clean milk

Customers can only entrust milk supplies to supply milk to them if only the milk is fresh and clean. When hand-milking, the milking bucket remains open. Sometimes bits of hair and hay or manure flecks end up landing in the milk bucket. If a milk strainer is not properly used, the milk reaching the customers may be of very poor quality due to contamination.

In contrast to this, the milking machine performs the milking process when the milking bucket is sealed and enclosed fully. Chances of contamination during milking are alleviated.

  • Hiring

Hiring a hand-milking machine gives a lot of uneasiness to the employer. Most people in modern society don’t have the knowledge and experience of milking a cow unlike in the traditional era. A lot of uncertainties such as incomplete milking, poor arm strength, long milking time, failure of the cow to let down milk due to poor stimuli, and, the use of the same towel for the infected and healthy cow come with an untrained milking machine.

Some of these uncertainties lead to infections such as mastitis. To get rid of infection opportunities, milking machines are used. Quick, complete, and accurate milking is done by simply hooking up the machine.

  • Labor cost

A big dairy firm demands lots of workers, especially when had-milking Is involved. When budgeting for the firm, the labor inventory may end up having a bigger budget percentage which may lead to an imbalance in the other factors of production. Milking machine price Kenya is affordable for both small-scale and large-scale milk producers.

With a replacement of several laborers with milking machines, a great percent of the budget is saved hence every aspect of milk production in the firm is balanced.

  • Workforce reduction

Increased dependency on the workers may lead to the downfall of the firm. Triggered by different factors, some workers may decide to resign. If the workers were the ones depended on to increase production, the level of production and sales would be affected negatively.

To prevent such an experience,  employers have taken the initiative to invest in quality milking machines. This gives the firm assurance of increased production hence an increase in sales.

  • Quicker cooling

When hand-milking, the process is slower allowing milk to sit out in the milling bucket. The milk slowly cools to room temperature making the milk taste “Barnie”. When machine milking, the process takes less time hence cooling faster and better milk taste is achieved.

  • Time efficiency

With a milking machine, less time is taken when milking since the four-quarters of a cow is being milked at the same time. Furthermore, several cows can be milked at the same time using the milking machines.


Purchasing a milking machine comes with loaded advantages which all lead to increased production and profit maximization. milking machine for cows price kenya.

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